University of St Andrews

Talks and Red Ribbons: World Aids Day on 1st December

Friday 22 November 2013

The Humanitarian Societies of St Andrews have come together to put on a series of Talks leading up to World AIDS Day on 1st December. Sage Lancaster (3rd year Sustainable Development) explains what has been and what is still to come.

Our first talk was on 11th of November with a panel of speakers who debated: "AIDS: Past, Present, Future". Panelists came from a variety of departments, including our own Dr Mike Kesby. On the 18th of November, Dr Stan Frankland in Anthropology spoke about his work studying sex workers and drug dealers in Uganda.

This week, on 20th November, a group of 3rd year geography students from the HIV/AIDS module spoke to an audience of medics. Their chosen topic was the role of geography in moving HIV research beyond a purely biomedical problem. The talk formed part of their final assessment. Other students from the same module spoke at local schools about HIV in Africa (see photo below).

DGSD students at Grove Academy 

Our last talk is on Monday 25th November with Dr Oonagh O'Brien, an anthropologist from Queen Margaret University. Dr O’Brien will speak on the global implications of HIV. She focuses on the effects of HIV on the social development of people in lower income places.  Her PhD student will also present their work on HIV in Russia.  The event is at 5:15pm in School 3.

Buying a red ribbon: Next week from Wednesday 27th November to Sunday 1st December (World AIDS Day), society members will be selling AIDS Day Ribbons around town. Buying a ribbon and wearing it shows your awareness of and support for those living with HIV.