University of St Andrews

Sustainable Development International Summer School 2018

Thursday 12 July 2018

We hosted our first ever Sustainable Development Summer School over the last few weeks with students joining us from Canada, China, Malaysia, Pakistan, and the United States of America.

The Summer School gave students a taste of our interdisciplinary degree programme and challenged them to think of sustainability in a broad sense. Students explored a wide range of topics from climate change to biodiversity, tourism, energy justice, inequality and poverty. A range of different perspectives were also covered, with lectures delivered by a range of staff from different disciplinary backgrounds: Bill Austin (Professor in Physical Geography), Rod Bain (Associate Lecturer in Management), Doug Benn (Professor in Physical Geography), Keith Bennet (Professor in Physical Geography), Antje Brown (Associate Lecturer in Sustainable Development), Rachel Creaney (PhD Candidate in Geography), Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs (Lecturer in Sustainable Development), Katherine Keenan (Lecturer in Population Geography), Darren McCauley (Senior Lecturer in Sustainable Development), Paul Ross (PhD Candidate in Earth & Environmental Sciences), Maria Pavlenko (PhD Candidate in Geography & Sustainable Development), Matt Sothern (Associate Lecturer in Geography), Iain Todd (PhD Candidate in Geography & Sustainable Development) and Rehema White (Lecturer in Sustainable Development). 

The Summer School was an interactive course that took students out of the classroom to see sustainability on campus, including a Beach Clean and gardening session with Transition staff (photos below). We were amazed by the pupils that joined us, thank you for your enthusiasm and engagement, we hope to see many of you in the future!

This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils from around the world to come and experience what it would be like to study on our degree programme and be a student in St Andrews, more information on the University’s International Summer Programme can be found here

Student Feedback on the Summer School

  •  “You must come because it gives a lot of different outlooks and perspectives on SD”
  •  “I liked the variety of different teachers that all taught SD (with each specialising in a different aspect of SD). I also liked that different perspectives and views were shared about SD (from teachers and students). Everyone was given the opportunity to voice their own opinions”
  • “It was great because we got so many different perspectives and had a lot of varying content. I also really liked the field trips and getting to know the community, the mix of social and scientific was really good”
  • “If you are interested in political sciences or international relations this is an awesome side of those subjects!”

Photos of SD Summer School