University of St Andrews

Meet Barry the Whale Shark!

Thursday 12 July 2018

Head of School (Professor Bill Austin) recently joined S2 pupils at the Waid Academy, Anstruther for their annual Climate Challenge (formerly EcoWarriors) and was joined by local MP Stephen Gethins and MSP Willie Rennie; Alistair Macloed (Transition) and Rhona McLaren (Management) also participated.

The School of Geography and Sustainable Development regularly contributes to outreach work with local high schools. Bill commented “the annual climate challenge is a fantastic opportunity for SGSD to contribute to a discussion at the intersection of science and society, showcasing the value of Geography and Sustainable Development in tackling globally significant problems. In this case the S2 students introduced me to Barry the whale shark and led me through their understanding of the problems of plastic contamination in our seas. Barry is now in my office, waiting to meet our first year students in September, when I will share their story in my lectures on the Anthropocene.”

Photo of S2 pupils