University of St Andrews

Commemorative tree planting

Tuesday 19 June 2018

On Sunday 15 April, as part of this year’s Alumni Festival Weekend, the School of Geography & Sustainable Development, in collaboration with Transition University of St Andrews, invited staff, students and alumni to mark the tenth anniversary of the first cohort of Sustainable Development students graduating at St Andrews by planting trees.

The timing to coincide with the Alumni Festival Weekend was particularly apt as the tree planting was funded from a bequest in memory of alumnus Jeremy Tucker. The tree planting complements work being undertaken to improve biodiversity across the University, which aims to enhance St Andrews as a desirable place for staff and students to live, work and study whilst providing a valuable teaching resource that will benefit future students and staff. As Alistair Macleod of Transition University of St Andrews explained, “The tree planting is the first stage of managing the woodland areas around the Observatory with biodiversity and access as a focus, whilst considering the importance of other site users, including those using the sports fields and staff. The University of St Andrews is a world leader in sustainability studies and endeavours to demonstrate this in practice by creating a sustainable, wildlife friendly environment within its estates.” 

This feature originally appeared in Chronicle – the magazine for alumni and friends of the University of St Andrews – in June 2018.

Tree Planting-Sally Mapstone