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SGSD student Olivia Sutton highlights RGS-IBG internship opportunities

Tuesday 13 March 2018

SGSD student Olivia Sutton discusses RGS-IBG internship opportunities.

“For my first week at RGS-IGB in January 2018 I was in the research and higher education department along with the other interns. The week got progressively busier as people returned from the Christmas break and it was great to see the building become full of life and get a feel for what it is like to work in such an impressive place. On my first day I was working to help do admin for an upcoming annual conference. I was specifically uploading Calls for Papers. It was really interesting to see the diversity of topics and people proposing them for the conference. It really emphasized the breadth and depth of Geography as a discipline. For the next couple of days I, and the other interns, were working on transcriptions for a PhD student who had carried out multiple interviews. This was something that I had certainly underestimated the difficulty of, and the amount of time it takes. But it was great to learn this new skill, and get an insight into the PhD topic. In my second week Sarah arranged for us to meet the PhD student and get to talk to her about her work. Getting PhD funding through the RGS-IBG was not something that I knew about before either. During this week we also had some other smaller tasks, such as sourcing images for the new website. Sarah also gave us a tour of the archives, which was amazing. There were so many artifacts, the building seemed to go on forever!

During my second week I was in with the Events and Membership team. It was great to get to meet more people and be in a different part of the building too. My first task was to go through all the past Bulletins and create an excel sheet with all the data about the different events, specifically so that user profiles could be created for the speakers on the RGS-IBG database. The organization has had some amazing speakers in, and it was great to see the diversity of such involvement and support. I wish I could attend more of these events but sadly, being from Scotland, it would be a bit of a trek. I was also tasked with creating some posters for the regional events, and again it was interesting to see the speakers and the topics that they were presenting. Other smaller tasks included doing research on poetry groups in London for advertising the upcoming Simon Armitage talk. I was also involved with doing some research on Georgia, for the upcoming 'Discovering Places' event. This has certainly given me travel inspiration! I also carried out analysis on the regional emails that had been sent out, and research on what other kinds of events were upcoming in London to give the RGS-IBG an idea of what to focus on for their own future events. I was also invited to attend an events meeting where we discussed potential ideas for future events, and it was great to be able to have an input. 

Overall I had a range of really varied and interesting tasks to complete during my internship. It was great to be in such a lovely working environment, and I know realize how important this will be for me when I decide what I want to do career-wise. Living down in London was also a new experience for me, and again has given me more direction for the future.  I really appreciate being afforded this opportunity by the RGS-IBG and hope to keep in touch with them.”

If anyone is interested in an internship with the RGS-IBG, please select the RGS-IBG site on work experience.

Photo of Olivia Sutton