University of St Andrews

McKee and Leahy Secure Funding for Immigration Act Event

Tuesday 23 January 2018

Drs Kim McKee and Sharon Leahy (School of Geography & SD) will host an event on ‘The Impact of the UK Immigration Act on Housing and Public Services’.

Kim and Sharon have secured funding from the Housing Studies Association to host the event which will be held in St Andrews in the summer. This one-day symposium will bring together inter-disciplinary critical scholars, activists and colleagues from policy and practice to discuss emerging research on the UK Immigration Act and its impact on housing and other public services.  One of the key facets of this legislation is the ‘Right to Rent’ provisions, which require private landlords to conduct identity checks prior to letting their property.  These requirements have significant implications not only for non-UK citizens, but also for those UK citizens who cannot readily prove their ‘British’ status.  It also places a new duty on landlords to ‘police’ the border.  Moreover, given that immigration is a reserved power of the UK Westminster government, whilst housing is devolved, it is a policy which opens up interesting governing tensions. 

Against the backdrop of the broader ‘hostile environment’ being fostered by the current Conservative government in Westminster this event seeks to bring together researchers and key stakeholders working on this contemporary, and continually evolving policy issue, in order to drive forward scholarly debate, and inform and influence policy and practice. 

For more information please contact Dr Kim McKee, Director of the Centre for Housing Research.