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Research with impact! SD Msc student’s dissertation spurs University to develop a Biodiversity Policy

Thursday 23 November 2017

The School is delighted to see that our students’ research is having an impact on the University’s sustainability.

Ben Ong developed the concept of ‘urban rewilding’ in his Sustainable Development Msc (2016-2017) dissertation and called for a reimagining of ‘the conservation potential of urban spaces’. Ben explored the management of two University campuses (St Andrews and the University of Malay in Malaysia), as a proxy for urban spaces, interviewing key personnel at the universities involved in conservation and urban landscape management.

From this project, Ben has also been able to offer recommendations for how our University can direct its grounds staff to better support biodiversity throughout the campus. His report, ‘Rewilding St Andrews’ is the spring board for a Biodiversity Policy Working Group, led by the University’s Sustainability Manager David Stutchfield that will be meeting next month. Ben’s dissertation supervisor, Dr Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs, is working with the Environment Team and Transition University of St Andrews to incorporate more of these ‘Living Lab’ projects into our curriculum and it is fantastic to see that our students are pushing forward sustainability on our campus.

For further information please select Rewilding St Andrews (PDF, 10,180 KB)

Rewilding St Andrews