University of St Andrews

Sustainability in the Curriculum Symposium

Monday 13 November 2017

Dr Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs (School of Geography and Sustainable Development) and Dr Shona Russell (School of Management), in collaboration with Dr David Evans (Pro-Dean Curriculum - Arts & Divinity), Mr David Stutchfield (Estates) and Dr Rehema White (School of Geography and Sustainable Development), have been successful in this round of the Teaching Development Fund for a ‘Sustainability in the Curriculum Symposium’.

This project will create opportunities to discuss and further develop the pedagogical approaches that are being undertaken, or could be used, to enhance sustainability-related learning and teaching (SLT) at our institution through a one-day cross-institution symposium and development of a digital archive of SLT activity. This project has been developed in partnership with Pro-Deans Curriculum (Drs Martin Campbell and Sharon Leahy), Transition University of St Andrews (Mr Alistair Macleod and Dr Ailsa McKenzie) and the Sustainable Development Working Group headed by the Quaestor.

The University of St Andrews has been recognized nationally as a leader in sustainability teaching (e.g. Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding Contribution to Sustainable Development and the UK Universities that Count 2010 Report), operational sustainability (Scottish Green Energy Award for Guardbridge Biomass 2016, energy efficient data centre hold a Gold CEEDA award 2014) and student engagement through Transition University of St Andrews (Green Gown Awards and repeated funding from Scottish Government). In response to increasing requirements to report on climate change impacts, this project supports the University’s strategic commitment to sustainability by documenting and highlighting innovative sustainability learning and teaching practice.

If you want to know more about the project please contact Dr Katherine Ellsworth-Krebs or Dr Shona Russell.