University of St Andrews

Tobias Börger attends Workshop in Indonesia

Thursday 02 November 2017

Tobias Börger, Lecturer in Environmental Economics at the School, attended the UK-South East Asia Researchers Networking Workshop in Jakarta, Indonesia, between 10 and 11 October.

This event organised by NERC and funded by the Newton Fund provided a platform for researchers from Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and the UK to network and develop ideas for the recent research call “understanding the impact of hydrometeorological hazards”. Hazards discussed at the workshop included extreme rainfalls, urban and coastal flooding, droughts and tsunamis.

Colleagues interested in the workshop or thinking about developing a research proposal can email Tobias Borger for more information.

The photo below shows Tobias with the delegation from Vietnam.

Tobias Borger with Vietnam delegation