University of St Andrews

SGSD team announce the registration for FORAMS 2018 has opened

Tuesday 05 September 2017

SGSD staff have recently opened registration to a major international symposium FORAMS 2018, and are inviting fellow researchers and students to register; the meeting will take place in Scotland (Edinburgh and St Andrews) in June 2018.

The hosts of the meeting are Professor William Austin (SGSD Head of School), Professor Kate Darling (SGSD Honorary Professor) and Dr Elena Cappelli (SGSD research fellow). FORAMS 2018 is held every 4 years and will see between 300 – 400 scientists coming together to discuss Foraminifera in a Changing World. The topics of the 17 scientific sessions range from foraminiferal biology to geochemistry and climate sciences, from biomonitoring to industry applications.

Please visit our FORAMS 2018 website for more information about the event, or click here to register to the symposium.

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