University of St Andrews

DGSD students at the Royal Geographical Society, London

Friday 31 March 2017

On Friday 25th of March, Lucy Thomson and Olivia Sutton (2nd year Geography) visited the Royal Geographic Society in London to learn more about what other Geography societies at universities across Britain do to promote Geography and their society.

The University of St Andrews Geography Society was the only Scottish University represented at the event. Commenting on the discussion, Olivia noted “When it came to our turn to present, although we are a small society in comparison to other universities, we came across well and seemed to interest everybody.  One particular aspect that others were impressed by was our student-staff relationship.  We are very lucky to be part of such a friendly department and really do appreciate all the support the staff give us.  We are also definitely the society that hosts the most bake sales!” After a tour of the RGS and an opportunity to meet with RGS staff, Olivia continued “It was interesting to see the range of ideas and events that other universities have.  We certainly have some great ideas lined up for next year. Overall it was an extremely worthwhile event, and was fantastic to be able to share experiences and ideas with like-minded people in an impressive setting.”

Lucy Thomson (left) and Olivia Sutton (right) attended the RGS event in London with financial support from the SGSD.

Photo of Lucy Thomson & Olivia Sutton