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Undergraduate Courses in Geography

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MA and BSc Single and Joint Honours


Geography is the integrated study of the earth’s landscapes, peoples, places and environments, it offers revealing insights into some of the most pressing problems currently facing humanity. It is unique in bridging the social sciences (human Geography) with its understanding of the dynamics of cultures, societies and economies, and the earth sciences (physical Geography) the dynamics of physical landscapes and environmental processes. While each of the two broad areas of physical and human Geography exists in their own right, the subject also combines them to provide a much-needed capability to study and understand interactions between people, and between people and the physical environments in which they live. This is the core of Geography. In its role as an integrating discipline, Geography provides an ideal framework for relating to other fields of knowledge. Those trained as geographers often contribute substantially to the applied management of resources and environments.

This programme equips students with the intellectual skills and knowledge necessary to address the rapidly growing concerns about the relationship between society and environment. Geography graduates consistently have above-average success in the jobs market, and there’s no doubt that a Geography degree from St Andrews opens doors to a great diversity of careers. Geographers are typically lifelong learners with an appreciation of the value of a broad-based education that develops a wide range of transferable skills.

Sub-Honours Programme

The first two years of the degree are spent completing the core Geography training. In First Year, a typical combination of courses might be Geography and two other subjects (Earth Science, Sustainable Development, Chemistry and Biology are popular choices for B.Sc. Geographers, while Sustainable Development, Social Anthropology, Economics, Management or a language are popular choices with M.A. Geographers, but many other combinations are possible). In Second Year, students take two courses; one is in Geography and the other is in a subject area of your choice - usually one of those studied in first year.

Honours Programme

At Honours level, the degree is divided into core and optional modules: the core material is designed to equip students with all the skills required to complete the programme (and to be highly employable thereafter), and the remainder of the programme comprises optional modules selected from a wide range of topics. This structure allows for rigorous training while giving students the flexibility to design their degree according to their own interests and enthusiasms. Students also attend an overseas fieldtrip in their third year.

Further Information

Please contact the Geography Programme Director: Dr Matt Sothern (Phone: +44 (0)1334 46 3941 or email:, for further details or general information regarding the content and structure of our undergraduate degree programmes.