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Green Week 2016

Green Week is part of a national week of action on climate change, engaging people in the local community through a week of activities. It raises awareness and informs people about local practical projects and solutions which they can get involved with in order to make a low-carbon future a reality. Green Week runs over five days in Week 4 (October 3-9). If you participate, you are able to organize whatever event you like as long as it focuses and/ or helps the environment! Types of events you can host: talks, discussions, fundraising/ charity events, week long competitions, little projects, movie/ TV show screenings, etc.

Is your society interested in getting involved in Green Week? Getting involved offers more publicity for your society, and it also raises awareness about important environmental issues! Get your thinking hats on for events and activities and put the date in the diary. If you are interested in knowing more about Green Week like the facebook page

Let the Environment Subcommittee know if you want to get involved! You can contact us at 

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