The Institute for Global Cinema and Creative Cultures focuses on postgraduate teaching, research, and publishing. It capitalises on achievements, connections and networks linked to the so-called ‘economies of prestige’ and on our reputational advantages as leaders in the study of global culture, film festivals, and digital developments.

The IGCCC offers teaching sessions at postgraduate level on matters of global cinema, managing and cultural curation. These can be taken independently as Continuous Professional Development, or, in a blended learning forma, for credit leading to the award of either a PG Certificate, a PG Diploma, or an MFA degree. Teaching takes place in Scotland, but also in Paris, Hong Kong, and Toronto, and is delivered by making use of new technologies. The IGCCC also accepts PhD students for supervision, in collaboration with colleagues from across the Faculty of Arts.

The IGCCC continues the publishing work of St. Andrews Film Studies, and will publish up to six books per annum, in the areas of global film and culture.

The IGCCC carries out research related to the global dynamics of circulation of cinema and other audiovisual content, and creative cultures. We seek to organise high profile intellectually stimulating events under the auspices of the University of St. Andrews, as well as with prestigious international partners. We also engage with ensuring that the local community has exposure to high quality international cinema, through programming at the Byre Theatre.

The IGCCC will be tapping into a wider pool of resources and will offer creative solutions. Building on work focused on global cinema, it will gradually evolve and provide a suitable forum and space for collaborations for faculty members from across the University whose work relates to creative cultures, so as to enable tapping into a wider pool of resources and offer creative solutions.

We also seek corporate and institutional sponsorships from across Europe and Asia, and aim to set up partnerships with prestigious international partners — academic institutions, cultural organisations, and film festivals. Funding will be sought from supra-governmental sources, governmental and academic and cultural sources, international charities, foundations and corporate sponsors.

Dina Iordanova, Professor of Global Cinema and Creative Culture, is the Director of the IGCCC. She works closely with well-known French film critic, Prof. Jean-Michel Frodon, and the Academic Support Officer, Enrico Vannucci, as well as with a range of Associates.