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Maria Fernanda Miño Puga

Ecuadorian Cinema for the 21st Century: Policy and Industry Implications (2006-2016)  

Supervised by: Dr Philippa Lovatt

This thesis intends to evaluate the impact of state policies and industry measures in Ecuadorian cinema between 2006 and 2016.  Specifically, it theorizes on narratives, aesthetics and production practices during this period, as a result of sustainability attempts by the National Film Council (CNCine) and comparable corporate decisions at the national level.  By revealing deep industrial practices, usually confined to internal processes and methods, four major tendencies are identified: social inequality and hegemonic tensions in Sebastián Cordero’s filmography; individual and collective memory accounts in documentary works; coming-of-age, genre and anarchical characterization in fiction portrayals; and naming discrepancies in the underground, rural, communal and indigenous cinema.  By examining these instances and comparing them to regional and international counterparts, such findings may inform future efforts towards a sustainable and pertinent domestic film industry.


Articles & Chapters:

Article: “La Muerte de Jaime Roldós y Con mi Corazón en Yambo: la reafirmación del imaginario colectivo en función de nuevos procesos de construcción social y política en Ecuador.” Ñawi, Vol #1, Issue #1 (2017), pages 13-29

Article: “The Manabí Project: Participatory Video in Rebuilding Efforts After the Earthquake.” Studies in Documentary Film, Published Online (2018), DOI: 10.1080/17503280.2018.1503860

Conference Papers:

Co-author: “Design Thinking as a Methodology for Solving Problems: Contributions from Academia to Society.” 15th LACCEI International Multi-Conference for Engineering, Education, and Technology: “Global Partnerships for Development and Engineering Education”, 19-21 July 2017, Boca Raton Fl, United States.

Book Reviews:

Review of Paola De la Vega Velasteguí, Gestión cinematográfica en Ecuador: 1977-2006. Procesos, prácticas y rupturas (Quito: Gescultura, 2016), Ñawi, Vol. # 1, Issue # 2, pages 134-137

Research Grants and Fellowships:

Senescyt Convocatoria Abierta 2017 – Ecuadorian Government Scholarship Programme


Aerdna (2018): Director and editor

King of Muyuyo (2017): Executive producer

Rebuilding Hope (2016): Academic advisor

Ferrando (2016): Director and producer