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Jinuo Diao

Understanding the Contemporary Chinese Film Industry from the Perspective of the Transnational Chinese Cinema

Supervised by: Professor Dina Iordanova

My research interests are transnational Chinese cinema and the Chinese film industry. I am working on my PhD thesis on understanding the contemporary Chinese film industry from the perspective of transnational Chinese cinema.  Based on developed theories and research on Transnational Cinema, National Identity, and International and Chinese Film Festival Research, the thesis will analyse the impacts of transnational Chinese cinema on the Chinese film industry. Trends and influences from new media forms such as Internet, digital technologies and television in the contemporary transnational Chinese cinema will also be discussed, and their roles in the Chinese film industry will be investigated.


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Teaching and tutoring:

FM2002: Film Culture, Theory, Entertainment

Conference Co-organiser:
13th Annual Postgraduate Film Studies Conference, University of St Andrews, May 3-4, 2018.