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Student Staff Consultative Committee


The Student Staff Consultative Committee comprises students across our programme and staff from the department, and its purpose is principally as a mechanism for student feedback and staff response to how modules are running, as well as an opportunity to discuss any wider issues. The Committee is led by the Film Studies student president, and students elect yearly representatives for their classes. The SSCC is therefore a great opportunity for students to be involved in academic decision-making and to allow students and staff to be heard on academic matters. It also has huge benefits for the development of student cohorts, as the Department is able to consult on wider issues that impact students both inside and outside of the seminar room.

The minutes of these meetings are recorded and then shared by the class representatives, so that everyone knows what is being discussed and suggested.

Here are the minutes for the meetings 2016-17: October 2016, February 2017 and April 2017.