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Dr Tyler Parks

My research explores questions around the nature and value of different modes of cinematic thinking, particularly in relation to art cinema, experimental non-fiction film, and cinematic landscape. This generally involves working between close analysis, theories of cinematic style and narration, and broader reflections drawn from philosophy and cultural theory. At present, I am especially invested in exploring the interface between theories of cosmopolitanism and the transnationalism of global art cinema, as well as in imagining potential avenues for ‘eco-cinema’ in dialogue with the work of philosophers engaged in rethinking prevailing conceptions of nature, culture, and the relations between the two. More generally, I have marked research and teaching interests in East Asian cinemas, the Western genre, and Film Noir.

I am currently finishing up a monograph that examines free indirect style as a form of cinematic thinking, examining its ethical and political valences through consideration of the work of Wong Kar-wai, Nuri Bilge Ceylan, Pedro Costa, and Apichatpong Weerasethakul. In addition, I have begun research for a project on experimental documentaries that combine extensive use of landscape imagery with unconventional forms of spoken narration.

I was awarded my PhD from the University of Edinburgh in 2015, and before coming to St Andrews, I taught on a number of film studies modules both there and within the Global Cinema course at the University of Stirling.


‘Change, Horizon, and Event in Ozu’s Late Spring’, Film-Philosophy, 20.2/20.3, 2016, pp. 283-302.

“Cinema, Cliché, and Thought Outside Itself”. Forum 18 (2014).



‘Ecstatic Emissions: Gernot Böhme’s Nature Aesthetics and Apichatpongian Atmospheres’. Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Lancaster, July 2017

‘Landscape, Myth, and the Politics of Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cutoff’. Film-Philosophy Conference,

University of Edinburgh, July 2016.

‘Form and Permutation in the Westerns of Budd Boetticher’. Film-Philosophy Conference, University of Oxford, July 2015.

‘Colossal Youth and the Future of a Past’. Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference, Montreal, March 2015.

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Neighbouring Sounds and the Past Inside the Present’. International Lisbon Conference on Philosophy and Film, May 2014.

‘This Is a Film but Do Not for One Second Think that You Can Understand Me: Otherness and Pedro Costa’s Colossal Youth’. European Cinema Research Forum 2013: The Other, University of Edinburgh, July 2013.

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FM2001: Modern World Cinemas (Co-ordinator)

FM4106: War and Cinema (Lecturer)

FM4114: Film Genres (Co-ordinator)

FM5001: Theory and Practice of Research in Film Studies (Lecturer)

FM1002: Film History and Historiography (Co-ordinator)