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FS filming 2With valuable skills in written and oral communication, IT, and visual analysis, Film Studies graduates are well placed to compete in today’s job market. Students in Film Studies develop excellent intellectual, writing and research skills and, by the end of their studies, are familiar with the most important works of cinematic art. Students develop excellent communicative, analytical and other transferable skills.

A degree in Film Studies from St Andrews will provide an excellent foundation for a wide range of careers as well as for careers directly connected with cinema. These include:

  • film distribution and production
  • arts administration
  • cinema management
  • film festivals
  • advertising and public relations
  • journalism/media
  • publishing and education

The main purpose of the programme is not to train media practitioners, but rather to provide a high quality general education, promote independence of thought and encourage intellectual initiative backed by solid knowledge of cinema’s history. Visit our careers pages for more information on how you might use your degree in Film Studies.

The progression of work was particularly helpful for me, not having any previous education in film. The variety of films and ideas we are exposed to is a great way of expanding my knowledge of cinema and stimulates great discussions in classes, encouraged by the engaging and approachable staff.

— Ben Lealan, Film Studies and History Honours student