How do I apply?


From 2015-16, students will be able to study Film Studies as a single honours degree.

A first year Film Studies lecture

A first year Film Studies lecture


For detailed information about the application process, please visit Admissions.

Visiting Days

The University encourages prospective students to book a place on a Visiting Day in order to experience the University’s unique atmosphere. As part of this event, prospective students have the chance to visit the Department of Film Studies and learn more from the academic staff about what we have to offer.

For any queries about applying to study film at St Andrews please email us:

I think the core skills and interdisciplinary nature of Film Studies will prepare me for whatever career path I choose. I will be doing a summer marketing internship but I have enjoyed third year so much that I am now considering applying for a postgraduate degree in Film Studies.

— Jessica Snyder, Film Studies and Art History Honours student