Who can supervise my thesis?

Below is a list of staff who can supervise research. You are encouraged to make contact with a potential supervisor prior to applying.


Professor Robert Burgoyne

Professor of Film Studies

I am interested in supervising students working on American film, particularly work that considers the reshaping of cultural memory and national identity in film.  I am also interested in projects involving the epic film, the war film, and the biopic.   Projects involving narrative theory, digital media, and the prehistory of film are also of interest.

cowan - profile picture

Professor Michael Cowan

Head of Department

I would welcome PhD enquiries from students working in various areas of European film and/or visual culture, media history and media archaeology, sponsored/ephemeral film, digital cinema and theory, or experimental/avant-garde practices. I am particularly interested in projects that make use of archival research to bring new insights into film and media history.



Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson

Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson

Lecturer in Film Studies

I would welcome projects from students working in various areas of film and television performance and aesthetics, affect and embodiment in film, audio-visual design, film sound, film criticism, genre  (especially horror and melodrama) and American cinema.


Dr Elisabetta Girelli

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

I am interested in supervising doctoral theses on these broad topics: stars studies; performance and silent cinema; queer cinema and queer theory; sexual, gender, and national identity in British, European, and Hollywood cinemas, within frameworks of cultural analysis and theories of representation; the construction of disability on screen, crip theory; representations of the normative body and its contestations.



Dina Iordanova

Professor Dina Iordanova

Professor of Film Studies

Currently I supervise students working on film and historyfilm festivals, and Eastern European cinema and national identities in film. I receive many queries from potential students, mainly in two of the areas of my expertise: A. transnational cinema and film festivals/global film circulation and B. Eastern European/Balkan cinema.  These remain the areas in which I am still mainly interested in supervising research students.


Dr Anuja Jain


I would welcome projects from students working in various areas of South Asian cinema and media history, transnational visual and material cultures, film and politics, documentary film with a specific interest in questions of community and public sphere, film spectatorship, and violence and questions of representation.


Tom Rice pic

Dr Tom Rice

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

I would welcome approaches from research students working on projects related to aspects of film history, colonial cinema, British documentary, early American cinema, world cinemas (especially pre-1960), non-theatrical film practices, and educational and government film. I would be particularly interested in supervising projects that engage with primary research materials or that work with film archives.


Dr Leshu Torchin

Senior Lecturer in Film Studies

I am interested in advising students working in the area of film and social justice, representations of genocide and the Holocaust, trauma, collective memory, documentary, visual anthropology, media anthropology, and film industries (including tourism).