What other opportunities will I have?


amar_akbar_anthonyIn recent years, doctoral research has transformed from a sometimes lonely scholastic pursuit to more dynamic, multi-dimensional academic apprenticeship. Whilst writing your thesis is still the major aim of your three years, you will also gain a number of other skills during this period which are essential for entrance into the current job market – these include:

  • Experience presenting your work at conferences (perhaps utilising your £300 research grant to travel overseas)
  • Participation in and running of specifically designed workshops and symposia, study days and conferences
  • Teaching tutorials for sub-honours modules
  • Editing Frames, the official journal of BAFTSS (the British Association for Film, Television and Screen Studies)
  • Producing the department’s newsletter, received by 1200 Film Studies academics worldwide
  • Publication of various types of material (book reviews, articles, edited collections, etc)
  • Applying for grants.


The Department of Film Studies at St Andrews provides several opportunities to interact with its members of staff and other renowned academics from all over the world. This means that you are constantly exposed to diverse topics and fresh perspectives, which help you broaden your knowledge of the field.

— Beatriz Tadeo Fuica, PhD Student