What our students say


St Andrews is an absolutely beautiful and lively town, but the best thing about doing a PhD in St Andrews is the postgraduate community and the many opportunities to be involved in activities organized by the Department of Film Studies.

— Raluca Iacob, PhD Student

For me, the best thing about doing a PhD in St Andrews is the town itself. Beautiful, cosy coastal town which has a busy student life encouraging one to work. The library seems to be the centre of it all, most of the people I meet are on their way to the library or from it. It resembles in many ways the feeling of the department: busy, friendly, extremely helpful, supportive and with an intense research life.

— Diana Popa, PhD student

The Department of Film Studies at St Andrews provides several opportunities to interact with its members of staff and other renowned academics from all over the world. This means that you are constantly exposed to diverse topics and fresh perspectives, which help you broaden your knowledge of the field.

— Beatriz Tadeo Fuica, PhD Student

The best thing about doing a PhD in St Andrews is the ability to work closely with staff and get really involved in the department.

— Chelsea Wessels, PhD Student

My advice to prospective students? Get involved in everything – there are a lot of opportunities, and you can’t work on your research 24/7!

— Chelsea Wessels, PhD Student

There are many invaluable opportunities for professional development, including editorial posts on the Department newsletter and cinema journal, organising conferences and symposiums, and teaching and lecturing experience.

— Kathleen Scott, PhD Student

I have been to seminars with a number of world-class scholars. Additionally, programmes such as GRADskills have provided many excellent opportunities for professional development

— Matthew Holtmeier, Former PhD student

The Film Studies Department is the ideal place to delve into the discipline: with its growing community of research students and staff members, it provides a cross-cultural social environment, enlivened by an open-minded perspective and a taste for diversity. From wide-ranging seminars to heated late-night discussions and student-led screenings: my experience so far has been as rich and stimulating as a doctoral student may possibly hope.

— Pasquale Cicchetti, PhD Student