What about funding?



Scottish Graduate School for the Arts and Humanities Studentships

The Department of Film Studies at the University of St Andrews is pleased to invite applications for PhD studentships funded through the  AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership Scotland.

Studentships are available to applicants living in the UK and the EU.  To be considered, candidates must first be accepted into the PhD programme. The deadline for consideration for the AHRC funding is 5 January 2016.

Departmental Studentships

In addition to the competitive AHRC studentships, the department receives a yearly allocation of resources which it uses to provide full studentships and fee waivers to as many incoming PhD students as possible.  Unfortunately, given the large number of high-quality applications we receive, we are unable to provide funding for all accepted students, making the process very competitive.  If you do receive funding, though, you never need apply again.  The offer is good for all three years of your study, subject to satisfactory academic progress. The deadline for consideration for departmental studentships is 15 March 2016.

If you are applying for funding from us, please make sure to include a separate letter clearly stating that you would like to be considered for scholarships. Please note that decisions on admission to the programme and funding are made independently.

If you have entered the funded studentship competition, you will be notified of the outcome when we make the decisions on funding (please note: if you are not awarded funding, our offer to you will still be valid and we will be happy to welcome you as a research student should you be able to find alternative funding sources). It is also possible to defer entry to allow you time to secure funding.

Students interested in pursuing PhD studies should consult the University’s Postgraduate Prospectus and Postgraduate Course Catalogue. They give full information on the wide range of postgraduate degrees and study programmes, and advice on procedures of application and on the possibilities of financial support.


The best thing about doing a PhD in St Andrews is the ability to work closely with staff and get really involved in the department.

— Chelsea Wessels, PhD Student