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Semester: 1

Credits: 30

FM4122: Watching the Detectives: Murder, Mystery and the Media

This module will examine the integral role of the detective story across media and throughout history. This hugely popular and enduring phenomenon is both culturally significant (for example the detective story has historically shaped film narrative and processes of audience identification on film) and a lens through which to explore broader issues often marginalised on other modules (for example questions of adaptation, character, or race). The first five weeks will examine the form and function of detective dramas, before later foregrounding thematic considerations. The module will encourage students to examine film alongside other media (including tv, literature, video games, stage plays, radio), placing different media texts in dialogue each week. It will consider media historically, both internationally and regionally and, through its innovative assessments, will explore the continued popularity and evolution of the detective today.


Lecture, Tuesday 10.00 -12.00 noon, Byre Theatre
Screening, 7.00 - 9.30 pm Tuesday, Byre Theatre

Dr Tom Rice (Co-ordinator) and Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson (Co-ordinator)