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Semester: 1

Credits: 30

FM4106: War and Cinema

lThe war film is one of the great modes of cinematic expression, with outstanding examples of the genre stretching from the early silent period to the contemporary era. In this module, we will explore the chronological history of the War Film, beginning with reenactments and actualities from the Spanish-American War, proceeding through treatments of World War I such as All Quiet on the Western Front, and continuing with films such as Apocalypse Now, Waltz with Bashir, and The Hurt Locker. Students will gain knowledge and awareness of the links between the history of cinema and the development of optical weaponry, the different ways the body of the soldier has been represented in war, and the shaping of cultural memory in film.


12.00 noon - 2.00 pm Tue, 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm Mon (screenings)

Dr Zoë Shacklock (Lecturer) and Dr Tom Rice (Lecturer)