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Semester: 1

Credits: 20

FM2001: Modern World Cinemas

This module continues the exploration of issues of film history and historiography which began in FM1002. It introduces students to the most important cinematic developments of the second part of the twentieth century (such as, among others, Nouvelle Vague, New German cinema, New Latin American cinema, New Hollywood, New African cinema, etc) and provides exposure to the work of some of the most important filmmakers of the world. The exploration of film history is put in the context of the forces that shape its transnational networks of production and distribution. The module aims to provide proper understanding of the complex topo-temporal dynamics of world cinemas in a global context.



In School III:
Tuesday & Friday: 3-4pm (Lectures)
Tuesday: 7pm (Screening)

Dr Tyler Parks (Co-ordinator), Dr Philippa Lovatt (Lecturer) and Professor Dina Iordanova (Lecturer)


There is one 1-hour seminar every week. These are held in the Film Studies Boardroom, 99 North Street. Your seminar group time is established in the first week of term.


The set text for this module is:

David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson, Film History: An Introduction, 3rd ed. (New York: McGraw-Hill, 2010).
If you already own the 2nd edition, that is fine too.

There will be other assigned readings, which are available in the Short Loan or posted on MMS.

Library reading lists for this module