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Semester: 1

Credits: 20

FM1001: Key Concepts in Film Studies

Module Convener: Dr Zoe Shacklock: zrs@st-andrews.ac.uk

In this introductory module, we examine key concepts and approaches that are relevant to the study of film. The module aims primarily to develop the skills needed for film analysis by looking at aspects of film form such as mise-en-scène, editing and sound. Film Studies concepts such as narrative, genre, stardom and the film industry will also be considered. This module introduces students to notions of popular and art cinemas as well as documentary through a range of important cinematic texts from around the world.


In School III:
Monday & Thursday: 3-4pm (Lectures)
Monday: 7pm (Screening)

Dr Zoë Shacklock (Co-ordinator) and Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson (Lecturer)


There is one 1-hour tutorial every week. These are held in the Board Room of the Department of Film Studies, 99 North Street. Your tutorial group time is established in the first week of term.


The set text for this module is:

Maria Pramaggiore and Tom Wallis, Film: A Critical Introduction, Third Edition (London: Laurence King, 2011).

For guidance on writing about film, we highly recommend:

Timothy Corrigan, A Short Guide to Writing about Film (New York: Longman, 2011).

Jeffrey Geiger and R.L. Rutsky, Film Analysis: A Norton Reader (New York and London: W.W. Norton & Co., 2005).

For some excellent examples of what analysis of a sequence can achieve in a limited number of words, we recommend the following book:

Tom Brown and James Walters (eds) Film Moments: Criticism, History, Theory (London: BFI, 2010).

There will be other assigned readings, many of which can be accessed through the online reading list or are available in the Short Loan.

Library reading lists for this module