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FM4099: Film Studies Dissertation

This dissertation offers students the possibility of personal advanced study on a topic in Film Studies on which they already have adequate basic knowledge and for which a suitable supervisor can be found. Guidance will be offered on research methods and on presentation. The dissertation will, as a rule, consist of a study of a given body of primary material in a defined perspective. Its length should be 10,000 words maximum. It should be submitted in accordance with guidelines and deadlines, and be written in English. The topic must be agreed in advance by the Chairman of Department following a favourable report from the Supervisor, whom students should contact in the first instance. (Guidelines for printing and binding dissertations can be found at: http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/printanddesign/dissertation/)

Recent dissertation topics include:


A Changing Perspective:  Examining the New Wave in Greek Cinema

Framing Totalitarianism: Voyeurism and Spectatorship in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s Salo, or the 120 Days of Sodom

‘Devious Maids, Modern Wives or Virgins’: the Current Representation of Latinas on US Television

Never Assume the Slasher is Dead: The Influence of Scream on the Evolution of the Slasher Subgenre in Contemporary American Cinema

“Is It Future, or is it Past?” The Evolution of American Landscape in Twin Peaks and Twin Peaks: The Return.

Deliberating Character Authority through David Tennant’s Cult Star Presence in Jessica Jones after Doctor Who

‘There’s Power in a Union’: Redefining the Representations of Sexual and National Identity in the Contemporary Context in God’s Own Country and Pride

Notions of the Body and Dress in Film: Superhero Costume Design and the Affected Viewer

Institution of Critique: An analysis of Frederick Wiseman’s documentary films and their relationship to the critique of institutions

How Far She’ll Go: The Reimagining of ‘The Princess’ in Disney Films

Entertainment, reviews, and YouTube: How the fan-made and fake trailers turned from previews into a new form of new media

Capturing the Violent Heart: The Pleasures of Embodied Spectatorship in Screen Violence of the American Gangster Genre in the Late Twentieth Century.

Bergman, Existentialism & Feminism: A Beauvoirian Analysis of Four Key Works

Time Travelling Soundtracks in Present-Day Movies: How Contemporary Films Connote A Past Sensibility Through Their Music.

The Promised Land: The West as a Trope in the New Romanian Cinema

Diverse Landscapes: A Study of World Cinema in the Festival Circuit




Something Old, Something New: The Recognition of Cinema in Video Games

Reinvention and Relevance: How ‘The Joker’ Reflects Anxiety in America

The Home and the World: Tracking new models of female aspirational desire in Contemporary Hindi Popular Cinema

Italian Dubbing: Translating and Voicing Gender Stereotypes in Contemporary Cinema

Dangerous Misrepresentations of the Arab Onscreen: An Exploration into Spatial Confinements and Orientalist Understandings



Aestheticising Disruption and Finding Home: Style, Gender, and Cultural Appropriation in the Hip Hop Videos of MIA

The Intention of Feeling: An Examination of Texture and Generic Affect in Film

Speaking the Way to New Genre Identities: a Critical Study of Dialogue in 1930s Hollywood Cinema

Everything to Lose but their Chains: Class Oppression, Patriarchy, and Masculinity, as Represented in the Films of Ken Loach

The Remediation of Cinematic Codes in Virtual Reality

If the Glass Slipper Fits: Examining the Disney Princesses as Models of Womanhood

A History of the Female Android in Science Fiction Film



Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson (Lecturer) and Dr Paul Flaig (Lecturer)