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Semester: 1

Credits: 30

FM4114: Film Genres

Film Genres will re-examine, and problematise, film genre today by exploring the topic in a variety of contexts. The module will incorporate a combination of approaches (theoretical, industrial and textual) and, in its assessments, will encourage students to think innovatively about, amongst other things, genre markers, global industry practice and exhibition culture. The module will ordinarily be organised in three related clusters. These clusters may include, but will not be limited to: Genre studies in Classical Hollywood; Genre and authorship (e.g. Hitchcock, Ford, Miike, Woo); Genre and Stars (eg. Clint Eastwood, Jackie Chan, Hugh Grant); Historicising Genre; Global genres; Genre and adaptation; Genre hybrids; Genre and blockbusters; Film Noir as a genre, cycle or mood; Genre and violence; Asian Genres; Genre and studios.


Lecture - Tuesday 10.00-12.00 pm - Conference Room, Byre Theatre
Screening - Monday 7.00-9.30 pm - Conference Room, Byre Theatre