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Semester: 2

Credits: 20

FM2002: Film Culture, Theory, Entertainment

This module introduces a range of political, philosophical, and cultural approaches to the cinema, centring on the key insights, the breakthrough critical ideas that have informed the study of film and its role in society. The cinema – as a new and revolutionary art form – attracted many of the most powerful thinkers of the 20th century. And with every technological advance in film – including sound, colour, and computer animation – new theories of “what is cinema” emerged, creating a rich and highly concentrated intellectual exchange in a short period of time. These writings comprise the subject of this module.


In School III:
Tuesday & Friday: 3-4pm (Lectures)
Tuesday: 7pm (Screening)

Dr Zoë Shacklock (Lecturer) and Professor Michael Cowan (Co-ordinator)


There is one 1-hour seminar. These are held in seminar room 9 in the Arts Building. Your seminar group time is established in the first week of term.


Library reading lists for this module