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New Picture House, St Andrews

Dundee Contemporary Arts


In a small Hungarian village at the end of WWII, the arrival of two Orthodox Jews (Angelusz and Nagy) throws the town into turmoil. An original look at anti-Semitism and the Holocaust that makes for essential if bleak viewing.

14 Nov: Wed 3.30–5.01pm; Thu 1–2.31pm

At War

Factory workers in the South of France strike to try and save their livelihoods.

19 Nov: Mon 6pm

Being Human - Frankenstein Re-Membered

Dundee, home to the teenage Mary Shelley, joins the world in celebrating the 200th anniversary of Frankenstein. Join us to mark the powerful legacy of one of the most iconic sci-fi novels ever written, back where it all began – by the banks of the river Tay – during the Being Human Festival of the Humanities (15–24 November 2018).

Since its publication 200 years ago, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein *has influenced vast swathes of popular culture. Adaptations have starred cinema legends from Boris Karloff to Robert De Niro – and even Alvin and the Chipmunks. From tales of science gone mad (Jurassic Park) to stories of understanding the other (ET, The Hulk, Arrival*), traces of the story and its themes have spread across our media.

With Frankenstein Re-membered, video artist and film historian Chris Gerrard collects these diverse fragments from the birth of cinema until the present day and in the tradition of Victor Frankenstein himself, attempts to stitch them back together into an adaptation of the original Shelley novel.

This event is followed by a screening of The Bride of Frankenstein; please book your free tickets for this separately.

18 Nov: Sun 11am

Black and White Photography (Beginners)

Learn about how to process your own black and white film in a dark room, load development tanks, use contact sheets, and print to get the best from your photos. Bring an exposed Ilford FP4 film with you ready to start.

14 Nov: Wed 6pm

Bohemian Rhapsody

The Freddie Mercury story. Malek as Mercury does a great job, with a passionate and impressive performance, but despite the recreation of momentous performances it’s a disappointingly tame affair, with a by-the-numbers screenplay and a bland lack of insight into Mercury’s heritage or sexuality.

15 Nov: Thu 10.30am

Bride of Frankenstein

Marvellously dry comic horror as Thesiger's gin-soaked Dr Praetorious persuades Clive's good Baron Frankenstein that his monster needs a mate, setting the scene for the hilarious climactic creation sequence where the stern Lanchester joins Karloff in the ranks of the living undead. Virtually remade by Mel Brooks as 'Young Frankenstein' and badly abused by Franc Roddam's disastrous 'The Bride', nothing can quite match the outrageous piquancy of the original.

18 Nov: Sun 1pm


Three week course

Course dates: Wed from 14 November (three-week course) 

Collagraphy is the original recycling technique, using card, textures and materials collaged together to make versatile and effective printing plates.

Please ensure you have read our Print Studio Terms and Conditions before booking on to any of our Print Studio courses or workshops.

14 Nov: Wed 6pm

Cyrano de Bergerac

Veteran director Jean-Paul Rappeneau's adaptation of Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play is a perfect example of what a cinematic adaptation can and should be. The film is as vivid and bold as its title character, revelling in exuberant intelligence and tragic poignancy.

Cyrano is well-served by Gérard Depardieu's performance, for which he earned an Oscar nomination and a César award. Depardieu brings the larger-than-life Cyrano to the fore in a portrayal that is grand without being showy. His tour de force is informed as much by subtlety as by an outsized emotional display. His performance is the heart of the film, setting the pulse for an extraordinary piece of work that, fittingly enough, comes across as a love letter to love. It was one of the most successful French films of all time, marking a revival of le cinéma français’s fortunes in the 1990s. Newly restored copy.

17 Nov: Sat 3.30pm


Chico Pereira explores his uncle's life as he takes on one last important journey.

16 Nov–18 Nov: Fri 4–5.26pm; Sun 6–7.26pm

Exhibition Tours: Mike Kelley & Santiago Sierra

Join the DCA's Visitor Assistants for a guided tour around Santiago Sierra’s Black Flag and Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead.

2 Nov–25 Nov: Mon–Sun 11am & 3pm

Fahrenheit 11/9

Documentary on the state of the USA, in which Moore asks the question ‘How the f*** did this happen?’ Heartfelt and angry, it draws comparisons between Trump and Hitler which work disturbingly well, but also devotes time to such promising developments as the student anti-gun movement.

15 Nov: Thu 3pm

Mike Kelley: Mobile Homestead

The Scottish premiere of Mike Kelley’s remarkable Mobile Homestead film trilogy, made between 2010 and 2011 in the artist’s hometown of Detroit. The film charts the journey which took a facsimile of his childhood home from the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit to his original home in the suburbs of the city.

10 Sep–25 Nov: Mon–Wed 10am–6pm; Thu 10am–8pm; Fri–Sun 10am–6pm

Mrs Hyde

In this eccentric revision of Robert Louis Stevenson’s literary classic Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, directed by Serge Bozon, Isabelle Huppert stars as the eponymous Mrs Hyde.

Mme Géquil (Huppert) is a prim, meek and unconventional physics teacher at a working class suburban Parisian high school, often derided by her fellow colleagues for her inability to engage students and control the unruly ones. On an appropriately stormy night, she is struck by lightning in her private laboratory and turns into something decidedly different. Romain Duris plays the school’s principal as Bozon explores the relationship between the privileged and under-privileged in contemporary French society.

20 Nov: Tue 8.30pm

National Theatre Live: The Madness Of George III

Alan Bennett's multi-award-winning drama is broadcast live from Nottingham Playhouse.

20 Nov: Tue 7pm

One Note at a Time

Documentary detailing how New Orleans' musicians responded to the devastation of Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

15 Nov: Thu 6pm


This magical retelling of the Orpheus myth turns the lyre-playing singer of Greek legend into a famous left-bank poet in postwar Paris. Fallen out of favour and lost for poetic inspiration, Orphée becomes obsessed with a mysterious black-clad princess who first claims the life of a rival poet, and then Eurydice, his wife.

"…a work of haunting beauty…"

With its unforgettable imagery – the dissolving mirror through which characters pass into the next world, the leather-clad, death-dealing motorcyclists, and Cocteau’s magical special effects, Orphée is a work of haunting beauty that follows the poetic logic of a dream. This new photochemical and 2K restoration of the film from the original nitrate negative were carried out by SNC (Groupe M6) with the support of the Archives françaises du film.

18 Nov: Sun 3.30pm


Historical drama depicting the 1819 massacre at St Peter’s Field in Manchester and its background. Leigh crafts an ensemble story on a far greater canvas than he’s ever attempted before, and shows he can handle big-scale action; while it struggles at times to gel, the quieter moments really linger. Passionate and finely-crafted.

14 Nov–15 Nov: Wed & Thu 1–3.33pm, 4.15–6.48pm & 7.30–10.03pm

Print Studio Tour

Take a tour of the DCA's print studio and view their state-of-the-art equipment for both traditional printing and creating digital artworks.

3 Nov–31 Jan 2019: Thu 6.30–6.45pm; Sat noon–12.15pm

Santiago Sierra: Black Flag

Work by Spanish artist addressing hierarchies of power and class, in which the artist planted the black flag (an anarchist symbol) at both the North and South poles.

8 Sep–25 Nov: Mon–Wed 10am–6pm; Thu 10am–8pm; Fri–Sun 10am–6pm

Sink or Swim

A group of middle-aged men find happiness in a synchronised swimming team. A French version of Britain's Swimming With Men.

14 Nov: Wed 6pm


Migo (Tatum) is a bigfoot who lives in an isolated community of his fellow creatures, who have heard rumours of the mythical ‘smallfoots’—humans. The songs are fun and drive the story forward, and child-pleasing slapstick is ably mixed with a thoughtful consideration of how a community can deal with challenges to its basic assumptions.

18 Nov: Sun 10.30am

Sorry Angel

The love story of a Parisian writer and a young student from Rennes.

16 Nov: Fri 8.30pm


Veronica (Davis) is the wife of career criminal Harry (Neeson), who talks the wives of her husband’s associates into pulling off a heist after their husbands are unable to (see the movie title.) Densely populated and richly realised crime drama, with three fine leads in Davis, Debicki and Rodriguez, and McQueen’s contemplative style is balanced with genre thrills and feminist fury.

16 Nov–29 Nov: Fri Times vary


In Montana in 1960, Joe (Oxenbould) watches his parents’ marriage dissolve after they run into money troubles. Dano’s debut as a director is an impressive adaptation (co-written with Zoe Kazan) of Richard Ford’s novel, with a fiery and mesmerising performance from Mulligan as a woman on the edge. Haunting and elegantly done.

16 Nov–22 Nov: Fri 1.15–3pm & 6–7.45pm; Sat 6.15–8pm; Sun 8.30–10.15pm; Mon 1.15–3pm, 3.45–5.30pm & 8.30–10.15pm; Tue–Thu 1.15–3pm, 3.45–5.30pm & 6–7.45pm

Woman On The Verge Of A Nervous Breakdown

When Pepa's illicit affair with an older man is abruptly terminated, she sets out for revenge, but is distracted by a succession of offbeat visitors seeking her calming influence. A splendidly bizarre character comedy from the maker of 'Law Of Desire'.

17 Nov: Sat 8.30pm

Centre for Film Studies

Docs@StAndrews: Becoming Animal (Emma Davie & Peter Mettler, 2018)

Join us on 23 November at 1pm at in the Buchanan Lecture Theatre for a free matinee screening of Becoming Animal (Emma Davie) on the day it receives its theatrical release! This is a stunning experience of sound and image that radically alters our expectations of the nature and wildlife documentary.

Film Studies Speaker Series: Laura McMahon (Cambridge) ‘The Turin Horse: Animal Labour and Lines of Flight’

Film Studies Speaker Series: Dr. Laura McMahon (University of Cambridge) ‘The Turin Horse: Animal Labour and Lines of Flight’ Friday 23rd November, 4-6 PM in Arts Seminar Room 7 While critical commentary on The Turin Horse (A torinói ló, Béla Tarr and Ágnes Hranitzky, 2011) has productively explored the film’s […]

PG Research Forum: Ana Maria Sapountzi & Shruti Narayanswamy

Please join us for the inaugural meeting of the PG Research Forum in Film Studies. For our first session, Ph.D. students in Film Studies Ana Maria Sapountzi and Shruti Narayanswamy will share work in progress drawn from their thesis projects, which examine, respectively, the queer sensibilities of Laurence Olivier’s Hollywood […]

Docs@The Byre: Donkeyote (Chico Pereira, 2017)

Don't miss Chico Pereira's award-winning, feel-good, festival favourite Donkeyote, which, along with special guests, launches the Docs@TheByre series on 6th February, 5pm at The Byre. (Free, but ticketed. Link coming soon!)

Docs@TheByre: Time Trial (Finlay Pretsell, 2018)

Join us at Byre on 27 March, 5pm for a thrilling and immersive journey into the race of a lifetime. You don't need to be a cycling fan to love this film. Free but ticketed, link to come.

Docs@TheByre: Piano to Zanskar (Michael Sulima, 2018)

Join us at The Byre on 24 April 5pm for a screening of audience favourite Piano to Zanskar along with a Q&A with the film's director, Michael Sulima and producer, Jarek Kotomski. Free but ticketed. Link to come.

Docs@TheByre: Syrian Stories- Female Voice

Join us on 22 May 5pm at The Byre for a selection of short films featuring the perspectives and experiences of Syrian women filmmakers and discussisions about the politics of art and the art of politics. Free but ticketed. Link to come.

University of St Andrews

Gifford Lecture Series 2017 - A God to Contend With

The fifth lecture in the University's Gifford Lecture Series for 2017, this year to be given by Professor Michael Rea on the theme 'Though The Darkness Hide Thee: Seeking the Face of the Invisible God'. Over the course of six lectures, Professor Rea, Director of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame in the USA, will take a theologically informed approach to the topic of 'divine hiddenness', the idea that God’s existence is far less evident — and that vivid, unambiguous experience of God’s presence is much less frequent — than one might expect from a perfectly loving deity. Philosophers often treat divine hiddenness as evidence that God doesn’t exist but, according to Professor Rea, that line of thinking is based on drawing parallels between divine love and human love. In his lectures, he will contend that it is not reasonable to believe that perfect, divine love would resemble human perceptions of ideal parental or romantic love.

Searching for a New Science

Oxford physicist Ard Louis and filmmaker David Malone meet famous scientists, philosophers and writers (including agnostics and people of faith such as Peter Atkins, Frans de Waal, Jane Goodall, Roger Penrose, Ben Okri, John Cottingham, George Ellis, Sunetra Gupta and others) to discuss questions about meaning and the nature of the universe in this premiere of a new film on the big questions of science and religion.

Films and Artefacts Series: Death on the Nile

Relax, nobody’s been murdered at MUSA, but museums do sometimes hold dangerous objects in their collections. Join Morna Annandale, Curatorial Trainee, to discover how museums deal with hazards lurking behind-the-scenes.

Films and Artefacts Series: Suffragette

The University of St Andrews played a leading part in developing women’s higher education in the 19th century. Watch the award-winning film, Suffragette, and find out about the ‘Lady Literate in Arts’ scheme and its legacy with MUSA's Exhibitions and Collections Curator.


Ever wondered how to make solar cells out of raspberries? Or how the dancin' has affected our social and cultural history? If so, join us for our largest ever celebration for European Researchers’ Night across Scotland as we fill the Byre Theatre with activities and live shows. Our third extravaganza of discovery, debate and entertainment takes place in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.