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New Picture House, St Andrews | Dundee Contemporary Arts | Centre for Film Studies | University of St Andrews

New Picture House, St Andrews

Atomic Blonde

Lorraine Broughton (Theron) is an MI6 agent tasked with finding a list of double-crossing agents, aided by dodgy fellow spy David (McAvoy) as she kicks the arses of an army of foes in 1989 Berlin. Basically a showcase for Theron’s sparring ability and withering looks, it features authentically exhausting fights and is a shamelessly derivative but fun actioner.

18 Aug–24 Aug: Fri–Thu 8.15pm

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Animated superhero comedy based on the bestselling book series by Dav Pilkey. This is a film that sides with the kids, right down to its sly jabs at uncaring, cash-starved school systems and loose message about the value of laughing at yourself; and, of course, at the mere existence of a planet called Uranus.

19 Aug–20 Aug: Sat & Sun 1.55pm

The Dark Tower

Gunslinger Roland (Elba) engages the help of New York teenager Jake (Taylor) in a battle to save the titular tower from the menacing Man in Black (McConaughey). Writer-director Arcel turns King’s dark book into a disappointing YA adventure with little tension or gravitas, and Elba’s charm is offset by McConaughey’s unintentionally comical impersonation of Viggo Mortensen.

18 Aug–24 Aug: Fri–Thu 5.55pm & 8.10pm


Survival story set during the battle of Dunkirk in WWII. The younger cast members acquit themselves admirably, including pop star Harry Styles; and, in its uncomfortable depiction of frightened men looking to save their own skin, this is far from straightforwardly patriotic fare. As he delivers non-stop visual audacity, once again Nolan shows himself to be a master of pure cinema.

18 Aug–24 Aug: Fri–Thu 5.40pm

The Emoji Movie

Gene (Miller) is a ‘meh’ emoji living in Textopolis who can’t help displaying mixed emotions. Targeted for deletion, he goes on the run with perky Hi-5 (Corden) and hacker Jailbreak (Faris). A combination of product placement, ingratiating voice work and barrel-scraping studio desperation, it’s a witless and blandly generic journey of self-discovery.

19 Aug–20 Aug: Sat & Sun 2.05pm

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Michael Bryce (Reynolds) is an elite bodyguard tasked with transporting imprisoned assassin Darius Kincaid (Jackson) to the Hague, to testify against a Russian warlord. Hilarious mismatched buddy hi-jinks disappointingly fail to ensue. Hayek has a nice role as Kincaid’s very sweary wife, though.

18 Aug–24 Aug: Fri–Thu 5.40pm & 8.20pm

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature

In this inexplicable sequel to the underwhelming 2014 original, Surly Squirrel (Arnett) teams up with idealistic Andie (Heigl) and Precious (Rudolph) to save their park from the Mayor (Moynihan). The characters are unappealing and the script relies on uninspired action and flat non-jokes. At least there’s no ‘Gangnam Style’ this time.

19 Aug–20 Aug: Sat & Sun 2pm

Dundee Contemporary Arts

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power

Eleven years after the original film, this is a fly-on-the-wall portrait of the Big Daddy of global environmentalism going about his work. Gore comes across as a charming and savvy negotiator, funny, empathetic and passionate. An inspiring call to people to exercise their power.

24 Aug: Thu 10.30am

Clare Woods: Victim of Geography

A solo show of 13 raw and powerful new paintings.

18 Aug–10 Sep: Mon–Wed 10am–6pm; Thu 10am–8pm; Fri–Sun 10am–6pm

DCA Young Photo Club

Skills-building workshop for young photographers with tutored sessions led by local photographers and time to show your work on a big screen. The session begins with a 'how to' introduction to let you try new techniques and familiarise yourself with the camera's settings.

22 Aug–5 Dec: Tue 6–8pm

England Is Mine

Manchester, 1976: Steven Patrick Morrissey (Jack Lowden) impatiently waits for his genius to be uncovered. Lowden shows some stage presence but this unauthorised biopic of the Smiths frontman has little to say and features none of the band's iconic music.

18 Aug–24 Aug: Fri & Sat 3–4.34pm & 8.15–9.49pm; Sun 8.15–9.49pm; Mon 3–4.34pm & 8.15–9.49pm; Tue 1–2.34pm, 3–4.34pm & 6–7.34pm; Wed 8.15–9.49pm; Thu 3–4.34pm

Monoprinting Introduction

Four week course

Course dates: Four-week course, Thu evenings from 24 August

This course will introduce several different forms of monoprinting, each with their own distinctive characteristics.
Including Gelli-plate, watercolour monoprint and oil-based processes.

Please ensure you have read our Print Studio Terms and Conditions before booking on to any of our Print Studio courses or workshops.

24 Aug: Thu 6pm

Centre for Film Studies

University of St Andrews

Gifford Lecture Series 2017 - A God to Contend With

The fifth lecture in the University's Gifford Lecture Series for 2017, this year to be given by Professor Michael Rea on the theme 'Though The Darkness Hide Thee: Seeking the Face of the Invisible God'. Over the course of six lectures, Professor Rea, Director of the Center for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Notre Dame in the USA, will take a theologically informed approach to the topic of 'divine hiddenness', the idea that God’s existence is far less evident — and that vivid, unambiguous experience of God’s presence is much less frequent — than one might expect from a perfectly loving deity. Philosophers often treat divine hiddenness as evidence that God doesn’t exist but, according to Professor Rea, that line of thinking is based on drawing parallels between divine love and human love. In his lectures, he will contend that it is not reasonable to believe that perfect, divine love would resemble human perceptions of ideal parental or romantic love.

Searching for a New Science

Oxford physicist Ard Louis and filmmaker David Malone meet famous scientists, philosophers and writers (including agnostics and people of faith such as Peter Atkins, Frans de Waal, Jane Goodall, Roger Penrose, Ben Okri, John Cottingham, George Ellis, Sunetra Gupta and others) to discuss questions about meaning and the nature of the universe in this premiere of a new film on the big questions of science and religion.

Films and Artefacts Series: Death on the Nile

Relax, nobody’s been murdered at MUSA, but museums do sometimes hold dangerous objects in their collections. Join Morna Annandale, Curatorial Trainee, to discover how museums deal with hazards lurking behind-the-scenes.

Films and Artefacts Series: Suffragette

The University of St Andrews played a leading part in developing women’s higher education in the 19th century. Watch the award-winning film, Suffragette, and find out about the ‘Lady Literate in Arts’ scheme and its legacy with MUSA's Exhibitions and Collections Curator.


Ever wondered how to make solar cells out of raspberries? Or how the dancin' has affected our social and cultural history? If so, join us for our largest ever celebration for European Researchers’ Night across Scotland as we fill the Byre Theatre with activities and live shows. Our third extravaganza of discovery, debate and entertainment takes place in Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh and St Andrews.