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Feminist Media Histories podcast with Isabel Seguí


Film Studies PhD student Isabel Seguí has been interviewed for the Feminist Media Histories podcast run by Professor Shelley Stamp, University of California Santa Cruz.

The title of the episode is ‘Labor’ and includes interviews with Denise McKenna, Diane Wei Lewis, and Helen Warner along with Isabel.

In her interview (at 22:56) Isabel Seguí explains how auteurist and formalist methodologies applied by default to the study of Latin American political cinema have contributed to the overshadowing of the women participant in collaborative cinematic projects in Bolivia and Peru. She proposes a non-individualistic and non-hierarchical historiographical approach to redress this problematic situation and comments on three case studies: the women of the crew of Blood of the Condor (Bolivia, Ukamau, 1969), Beatriz Palacios (Ukamau’s producer and manager from 1974 to 2003) and the Peruvian filmmaker María Barea.

You can listen to it here:

This podcast is based on the latest issue of Feminist Media Histories (Vol. 4 No 1), which is open access this week, so enjoy!