First year modules


FM1001 | FM1002

FM1001: Key Concepts in Film Studies

Semester: 1

Dr Zoë Shacklock (Co-ordinator) and Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson (Lecturer)

Module Convener: Dr Zoe Shacklock:

In this introductory module, we examine key concepts and approaches that are relevant to the study of film. The module aims primarily to develop the skills needed for film analysis by looking at aspects of film form such as mise-en-scène, editing and sound. Film Studies concepts such as narrative, genre, stardom and the film industry will also be considered. This module introduces students to notions of popular and art cinemas as well as documentary through a range of important cinematic texts from around the world.

FM1002: Film History and Historiography

Semester: 2

Dr Leshu Torchin (Lecturer), Dr Anuja Jain (Lecturer) and Professor Michael Cowan (Lecturer)

This module introduces key movements and moments in film history across the first fifty years of film. Students will first examine the major formal, technological, and industrial transformations from cinema’s beginnings in the 1890s up to the conversion to sound in the late 1920s. How were films made, exhibited and understood and why did cinema evolve in the ways that it did? Throughout the module, we will examine film history in a global context, exploring international developments in Germany, Soviet Russia, Britain, Japan and Italy. Students will be encouraged to engage with primary materials and to examine critically the methods and approaches for writing and researching film. What can we learn from studying film and how does studying film history help us to better understand cinema and new media today?

Dr Jennifer O’Meara, Module Convener: Email TBC


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