Richard Dyer Prize

The Richard Dyer Prize is a University award that is given annually to the top performing Film Studies graduate. Previous winners are:

2017/18: Victor Pilard

2016/17: Tomasz Hollanek

2015/16: Fidan Gasimova

2014/15: Amelia Markham

2013/14: Matthew Wakeling

2012/13: Alex Taylor

2011/12: Connor McKeown

2010/11: Hannah Maloco

2009/10: Lukas Ross

2008/09: Kelda Roe

The Anita Loos Award for the most Outstanding Undergraduate Essay in Film Studies

The Anita Loos award is given annually to honour the strongest piece of undergraduate coursework submitted during the year.

2017/18: Amanda Curdt-Christiansen

2016/17: Jaka Lombar

2015/16: Sam Mills

2014/15: Amelia Markham

Film Studies President

The Film Studies President, elected by the student body, is the department’s student representative within the University. The following students have served as Film Studies President:

2017/18: Gabrielle Levey

2016/17: Kit Klaes

2015/16: Kit Klaes

2014/15: Marcin Kupiecki

2013/14: Jessica Snyder

2012/13: Hillevi Gustafson

2011/12: Larissa Gumuchdjian

2010/11: Flossie Topping