Undergraduate students

Undergraduates wearing their red gowns on the St Andrews Pier

Undergraduates in their red gowns on the St Andrews Pier


The first two years of the programme at the Subhonours level provides a set of four core courses (one per semester) in film analysis, film history, world cinema, and film theory. In these first two years (level 1 and level 2) you take a total of 240 credits or 120 credits per year. 80 credits of these (40 per year) must consist of the four subhonours film modules, allowing you the opportunity to explore other subjects alongside film studies.

Students with marks of 11/20 or better are allowed to progress to Honours level study where you will have the opportunity to work closely with leading international scholars to develop your own interests, skills and specialisms within film. The modules on offer varies each year. For a full list of those on offer this year, see honours modules.


UG Film Studies – 2017-18


The Film Studies President for 2017-2018 is Gabrielle Levey (gkl)

The SSCC Representatives for AY17/18 are:

1st year: Maeve Murphy (mam43) & Millie Delaney-Doust (mdd4)

2nd year: Chloe Cecil (cc289) & Sophie Goodwin  (sg264)

Honours: Minoli De Silva (mds9), Mina Radovic (mr206), Catherine Sweeney (chs21) and Lyndsay Townsend (lkt3)

Postgraduate (Taught): Willa Grefe (wg36)

Postgraduate (Research):  Ana Maria Sapountzi  (ams22)

The Student Association offers support, activities and representation.