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St Andrews has excellent Library provision as befits an international centre for Film Studies.
Subject Guide for Film Studies


The BFI’s website.
Website of the Society for Cinema and Media Studies. Site contains conference announcements, calls for papers, job listings and information on SCMS’s Cinema Journal.
The American Film Institute’s website.
Website of the Association of Moving Picture Archivists.
Creative Scotland’s website, with links to the Scottish Film and Television Archive.
Australian Film Institute’s research and information site.
The unique link between education and the UK film industry.
BAFTA: The British Academy of Film and Television Arts aiming at promoting and fostering excellence in the film and television industries
Founded in 1988, the European Film Academy currently unites 1,600 European film professionals with the common aim of promoting Europe’s film culture
European Film Promotions: A network of organisations active in the field of promotion and marketing of European cinema with web links to the film community in twenty three European countries.
EURIMAGES – Council of Europe, co-production fund.
Creative Europe, Media overview – An initiative of the European Commission. Provides funding for training, and development of film and other audio-visual projects.
British Universities Film and Video Council. Promotes the production, study and use of film and related media in higher and further education and research.
University Film and Video Association. American based website, including news from various American Universities, and calls for papers.

Film Journals and other publications
Website for BFI’s monthly film magazine Sight and Sound
Website for the leading UK refereed film journal Screen.

Film Journal run by the PG community at University of St Andrews.

Website presenting an array of free, open access film materials.

BFI website for British film and television.
Website for the international film journal Framework.
Website of Scope, a UK on-line refereed journal, produced at the University of Nottingham.
Website for the refereed journal Camera Obscura, a leading journal addressing feminism and film theory.
Website of Variety magazine, the leading trade paper of Hollywood.
Daily trade news from Screen International – the leading paper for the international film business.
Senses of Cinema. Online film journal dedicated to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.
On-line, archived issuses of the Canadian film journal Cine-tracts, published between 1977-1982.
Website of the refereed Canadian Journal Film Studies, published by the Film Studies Association of Canada.
Website of the English-language POV: A Danish Journal Film Studies, published by the University of Aarhus in Denmark.
Kinoeye: Periodical on New Perspectives to European Film.
Screening the Past: an online journal of media and history out of Melbourne.,id=147/
Film International: edited in Scandinavia but international in orientation, this film journal is dedicated to the serious and eclectic discussion of cinema.
Jump Cut: A Review of Contemporary Media. Veteran film publication (since 1974) analyzing media in relation to class, race, and gender. Their archived issues are now available on-line and particularly interesting.
Cineaste. One of the best established film periodicals, covering the art and politics of cinema.
Film Comment. Bi-monthly publication on current cinema from the Film Society at the Lincoln Center in NYC.
Film Philosophy. A review journal and vibrant international web forum. A good place for postgraduates to publish reviews, find out about conferences and try out new ideas.
Bright Lights Film Journal. Includes sections on Japanese and Hong Kong cinema.
Website for horror journal, Fangoria.
Cinemaya: Asian Film Quarterly. Journal of Asian Cinema.
Film Quarterly: California based journal Film Studies. Free sample copy available to download.
Journal of Film and History: Interdisciplinary Journal of Film and Television Studies. On line movie news, reviews and chatroom.
Flow, online journal of TV and Media Culture.
KINOKULTURA focuses on the contemporary Russian film industry, but also carries articles on the cinema of the Soviet period.

The Internet Movie database
Site of the Performing Arts Data Service, with links to on-line moving-image resources.
Contemporary Africa Database: A comprehensive listing African film and TV organizations by country
Movie Review Query Engine: Searches for movie reviews.
Lumiere Database. Provides information on the number of admissions to films released in Europe.
A comprehensive database of 30 000 German films from 1895 to the present day. This can be used free of charge and an English version is also available.

Events and Conferences
Website for Console-ing Passions, the international conference on television, video and feminism.
The Society for Cinema and Media Studies conference information
The Screen Studies conference, held annually in Glasgow.

Website of Pacific Film Archives, with a searchable database on avant-garde, experimental and feminist film and video resources.
Scottish Screen archive. Primarily non-fiction material, shot in Scotland, dating back to the dawn of cinema.

Database for Colonial Film: Moving Images of the British Empire, which contains over 6000 films (more than 150 to view online) and more than 300 historical essays.

Archival project on local cinema history run through the University of St Andrews.

Website for the Davide Turconi Project, containing thousands of film frame clippings from 1897-1915.

The Media History Digital Library, which contains an array of digitised film materials and publications.

The British Council Film Collection, containing short documentaries from the 1940s.

Harvard Film Archive, including details of regular screenings.
The George Eastman House, Rochester University, New York. Includes the International Museum of Photography and Film, with links to film archives, and on line collection of photographs.
Pacific Film Archive CineFiles: A database of reviews, press kits, program notes, newspaper articles and other documents from the PFA Library.

Film Festivals
Sundance Film Festival for American Independent Cinema, January
Rotterdam International Film Festival, late January –early February
Berlinale: Berlin International Film Festival, February
Cannes Film Festival, May
Venice International Film Festival (the oldest film festival in the world, part of the Venice Biennale), September
Site with links to a range of international film festivals around the world and festival news.
FESPACO –Largest African film festival, biannual, Burkina Faso. Website in English and/or French.
Pusan International Film Festival – South Korea
Tokyo International Film Festival
Edinburgh International Film Festival

Resources on national cinemas, directors, genres, movements
The MacGuffin website: the best on-line resource for Hitchcock scholars.
The Dogme website, featuring interviews with Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg, along with the Dogme manifesto and the ‘Vow of Chastity’.
The website of the Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture, located at the University of Exeter.
The website of the Lux, located in Hackney, North London. Films, videos and research materials on independent and avant-garde cinema available here.
Organisation for the study and the promotion of the work of Satayajit Ray, the great Indian film director (1921-1992)
Asian Film Connections seeks to create a deeper awareness and understanding of Asian cinema by providing immediate and comprehensive information about films from Asia, especially the cinemas of China, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan. Also contains links to select articles from Cinemaya, the leading Asian art cinema journal.
The Asian Film Foundation, promotes Asian cultures through cinema. Includes news on the latest Asian film releases, screenings, festivals, and lectures by filmmakers.
The International Conservatoire for Cinematic Studies is a cyberspace campus dedicated to advancing film as a bona fide art and craft.

Distributors and online rentals
The Moviemail site, with thousands of low-priced videos and DVD’s for sale. Focuses on films by recognized auteurs, and those which win awards at international festivals (“art” films). Check out their ‘Under a tenner’ section. Also does video rental.
On line movie rental. Connected to Moviemail.
Facets Multimedia: The biggest US clearinghouse for foreign, independent, cult and alternative cinema on DVD and video. Based in Chicago.
On-line orders of DVD and video for the UK, free postage.
First Run/Icarus Features is a leading distributor of independent and international documentaries.
Site selling “shocking videos” from Brazil, Argentina, India, Indonesia, The Philippines and Turkey. Includes very hard to come by Yesilcam (popular Turkish) films. On-line orders of films, games, music, books, etc. Sells many popular films, including Asian films. (UK); (USA)
These two Amazon sites are always worth checking. Mail from the UK site is faster, and beware if you buy from the American site that you are buying the right format. Both also list many second hand sellers at lower prices. now does DVD rental.
Specialists in films from Asia, including Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong, China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand. You do not have to download the Korean language package for this website to work.
California Newsreel. Distributors of African and rare African-American films.
Arab Film. Distributors of very hard to obtain films from Algeria, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Pakistan, Palestine, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Turkey and Yemen.
Distributors of high quality DVDs of classic films.
A “mega” search engine for out of print and used books, which allows a single unified interface search of numerous book sources on the Web.
Searches numerous booksellers and gives you a list of the best prices on titles you want, whether new or used.
Frequently updated site reviews and rates the UK’s online DVD rental industry.