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Founded in 2005, The Centre for Film Studies supports interdisciplinary and public engagement initiatives originating in the department of Film Studies. It promotes awareness of the work done in the department and the importance of the field to other disciplines, to the industry, and to the public.

Reflecting the vibrancy of the staff research, the CFS takes interest in global film cultures. We investigate the film object, taking into account aesthetics, representations, and identities, but also highlight the processes and practices: cultures of production, distribution, exhibition and uses in theatrical and nontheatrical contexts.


The Centre supports conferences, workshops, film festivals, screenings, and speakers from academe, industry, and advocacy contexts. Once the host to the departmental speaker series, the speaker series has moved to rotating curation by departmental staff. The series in AY1819 will be organised by Dr Paul Flaig (S1) and Dr Anuja Jain (S2)

The work of Professor Iordanova continues in the Institute of Global Cinema and Creative Cultures.

Click here for a full listing of forthcoming events.

Publishing Initiatives:

The department has been responsible for a number of publication. This includes not only the output of individual staff, but also:

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