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Archival Film Festivals

Cover of Archival Film Festivals, published by St Andrews Film Studies 

Film Studies is an exciting, well-established discipline that examines film as an art form, cultural institution, social tool, technology, and industry. In this field, we examine the role of film form and narrative in the production of meaning and we explore film within its aesthetic, technological and cultural contexts.

The Department of Film Studies has a particular focus on the global significance of film and has established an international reputation in the study of transnational cinemas. We have become a magnet for international scholars and research students working in non-mainstream cinemas.

Film Studies intersects a broad range of fields (including literature, languages, philosophy, art, history, and politics). Students in Film Studies will develop intellectual, writing, communication and research skills, which are transferable across a diverse range of careers. While we focus on the academic study of film, there are multiple opportunities for students to develop practical expertise in all aspects of film production and exhibition through a range of extra-curricula activities supported by the department.