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Our PhD students

Sophie Hopmeier

Thesis: Objects of Projection: Material Culture on Film in the Musée de l’Homme 1930-1970.

Supervisors: Professor Michael Cowan and Dr Tom Rice

Contact: skh7@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research explores the development and use of ethnographic film in the Musée de l’Homme to document, cross-culturally, material culture and practices of making. I study the museum’s use of film to reveal ‘the indivisibility of humanity across space and time’, and film’s capacity to produce images and artefacts of ‘culture’.

Huimin Deng

Thesis: Framing the Intertextual Relations: Chinese Independent Documentary and Urban Cinema of the 1990s

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: hd41@st-andrews.ac.uk

I am now studying the interrelationships between Chinese Independent Documentary and Urban Cinema of the 1990s from the perspective of semiotics, to be more precise, Intertextuality. I try to explore the intertextual relations between the two genres of films, both in subjects and aesthetics.

Darae Kim

Thesis: Ethos and Ethics of Film Festival: Should Film Festivals be Virtuous?

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: dk47@st-andrews.ac.uk

The purpose of this study is to examine not only the function of a film festival but management of the organisation, whether this could be framed within the parameter of ethics and further more if it should.

Ana Maria Sapountzi

Thesis: Making Meaning of Laurence Olivier: Reading Queer Sensibilities in his Hollywood Performances Under the Motion Picture Production Code, 1939-1960

Supervisor: Dr Elisabetta Girelli

Contact: ams22@st-andrews.ac.uk

Undertaking a queer study of Laurence Olivier’s performances throughout Motion Picture Production Code Hollywood, my research aims to identify and argue that his nuanced method of performing allowed for queer readings and meaning.  By creating a discussion within prolific queer theory, my thesis will provide theoretically-informed textual analyses of Laurence […]

Andrea Gelardi

Thesis: Locally rooted, internationally involved": the case of Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: ag306@st-andrews.ac.uk

As an actor proactively restoring, conserving and promoting world cinematic heritage, Fondazione Cineteca di Bologna is analysed in order to build a functional framework for cultural organisations working in film culture.

Patrick Adamson

Thesis: The Epic Western and Historical Consciousness in 1920s USA

Contact: pa41@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research aims to reframe the silent ‘epic’ Westerns which proliferated in the years following the 1923 release of The Covered Wagon as works of history (or historiography), and within contemporary debates about the filmmaker-as-historian.   Rather than focussing, as has been widely done, on how they ‘abuse’ history, my […]

Abdulrahman Alghanem

Thesis: Pushing the boundaries: the development of Arab Gulf film industries

Contact: aa236@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research explores the development of film industries in the Arab Gulf region and provide a conceptual framework for understanding film’s relationship to reality and society. It also attempts to situate cinema and festival circuits within broader social, cultural and political networks of power and authority in the Arab Gulf […]

Alice Black

Thesis: Machines of Desire: Female protagonists in the films of Christian Petzold and Nina Hoss

Supervisors: Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson and Professor Michael Cowan

Contact: ab354@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research is to look in depth at the role of the female protagonist in the films of Christian Petzold, focusing specifically on his collaborations with actress Nina Hoss. It will situate Petzold’s women in the contemporary filmmaking landscape but also in a wider historical tradition of European cinema.

Jinuo Diao

Thesis: Understanding the Contemporary Chinese Film Industry from the Perspective of the Transnational Chinese Cinema

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: jd220@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research interests are transnational Chinese cinema and the Chinese film industry. I am working on my PhD thesis on understanding the contemporary Chinese film industry from the perspective of transnational Chinese cinema.  Based on developed theories and research on Transnational Cinema, National Identity, and International and Chinese Film Festival Research, the thesis […]

Souraj Dutta

Thesis: Bollywood on Bollywood: The Evolution of Intertextuality and Self-referentiality in Hindi Cinema.

Supervisors: Dr Anuja Jain, Dr Dennis Hanlon and Professor Michael Cowan

Contact: sd219@st-andrews.ac.uk

My work traces the trends and patterns of the evolving modes of adaptation and appropriation within the corpus of Hindi commercial cinema. I start with the adaptations of literary classics into films in the earlier days of Hindi film industry, and track how that has given way to a strange […]

Andrei Gadalean

Thesis: “Can Michael the Brave love, or not?”: A History of Sex and Sexuality in Romanian Cinema

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: amg21@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research looks into the influence that Romanian cultural politics and social norms have had on representing intimacy and sexual identities on screen.

Cassice Last

Thesis: Survival in the 21 st Century: The formation of a genre

Supervisors: Dr Tom Rice and Dr Lucy Fife Donaldson

Contact: cl225@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research examines the formation, construction and function of the contemporary American Survival film, its specific patterns, characters, motifs and phenomenal diffusion throughout 21st century American culture.      

Aakshi Magazine

Thesis: The Hindi film song as the return of the repressed

Supervisors: Dr Anuja Jain and Dr Dennis Hanlon

Contact: am357@st-andrews.ac.uk

I explore the role of the film song in expressing repressed and unsaid desires in its long history of existence in Hindi cinema.

Connor McMorran

Thesis: Understanding contemporary Korean genre cinema

Supervisor: Dr Tom Rice

Contact: cam46@st-andrews.ac.uk

My main aim is to provide a new way of approaching the variety of mainstream cinema produced by the Korean film industry through the use of melodrama and genre studies.

Shruti Narayanswamy

Thesis: Representations of Women in Bombay Cinema, 1918-1936

Supervisor: Dr Tom Rice

Contact: sn52@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research explores the representations of women in Bombay cinema, with a focus on silent films. I will be examining these representations within political, social and cultural contexts such as nationalism, visibility of women in the public sphere and the changing public perceptions of ‘respectability’ and modernity.

Shorna Pal

Thesis: The Monsoon Crush: A critical analysis of the commercialisation of the Indian Art Film under the influence of social and demographic changes stemming from globalisation

Supervisor: Dr Dennis Hanlon

Contact: sp97@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research focuses on Indian cinema in the context of globalisation and economic liberalisation and tracks the development in Hindi and other regional Indian cinemas of an approach to film that is artistic in taste but commercial in presentation.

Isabel Seguí

Thesis: Andean Political Cinema. A Counter-Patriarchal Approach.

Supervisors: Dr Dennis Hanlon and Dr Leshu Torchin

Contact: is47@st-andrews.ac.uk

My dissertation contributes to the subversion of Film History’s patriarchal bias, through a specific case study: Andean political cinema of the 70s and 80s. I analyze collective cinematic practices in terms of power and sexual division of labour, shedding light on a substantial number of women filmmakers and video makers, […]

Sanghita Sen

Thesis: Projecting ‘History’ of the Naxal Movements: Transformation from ‘Realism’ to the Carnivalesque Spectacles of the ‘Political’ in Indian Cinema

Supervisors: Dr Anuja Jain and Dr Dennis Hanlon

Contact: ss309@st-andrews.ac.uk

The proposed research aims to study the politics of representation as well as the representation of the ‘political’ in selected Bengali and Hindi films produced between 1970 and 2013 projecting the Naxal/ Maoist movements in India.

Amber Leigh Shields

Thesis: Inbetween Worlds: A Fantastic Approach to Trauma

Supervisor: Dr Leshu Torchin

Contact: alfs@st-andrews.ac.uk

My research asks how unconventional and understudied genre representations can contribute to trauma discourse.

Sarah Smyth

Thesis: Bringing the film Festival to the World and the World to the Film Festival

Supervisor: Professor Dina Iordanova

Contact: ses26@st-andrews.ac.uk

  My research specifically examines the UK Film Festival sector as part of the wider international phenomenon that makes up the Global Film Festival value system.  The research will attempt to define exactly what constitutes the UK Film festival circuit as an entity, separate but at the same time inter-related […]