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The Department of Film Studies uses several dedicated teaching rooms, all of which have been fitted with blu-ray players for screenings.

Department receptions and social events in the Byre theatre
Student presentations in the Byre Studio Theatre
Special screenings are programmed in the Byre Studio Theatre
Seminars in the Byre conference room
Honours and MA seminars in the Byre conference room
Our lecture and screening space, School III is located in St Salvator's Quad
Discussion in the Film Studies Boardroom
A screening in School III - our annual silent film show with live musical accompaniment
A first year lecture in School III

The Byre conference room

All our Honours and MA seminars take place in a specially fitted teaching room in the recently re-opened Byre Theatre. 3D projection for seminars and screenings is available, and the layout designed to promote student-led discussion.

The Byre studio theatre

We make use of this bigger space for student presentation sessions, as well as for special screening series and our series of research presentations.

The Film Studies Boardroom

This is our dedicated teaching space, located in the Department building on 99 North Street. All our first and second year tutorials are located in this room, which features a large projection screen.

School III

Located on St Salvator’s quad, School III is our lecture and screening space for first and second year classes. We also hold special events here, including the student-led Reel Film Screening series, which features a silent film with live musical accompaniment every year.