Screening Politics: Film Festivals, Archives and Cinematic Exhibition in the Cold War

12 September 2023

The German Screen Studies Network (GSSN) is pleased to announce the call for participation for its upcoming workshop:

“Screening Politics: Film Festivals, Archives and Cinematic Exhibition in the Cold War”


University of St Andrews, Friday 10th November–Sunday 12th November 2023

Organised by Anna McEwan (University of Glasgow) and Carla Steinbrecher (University of St Andrews) as part of the German Screen Studies Network 

KEYNOTE: Dr. Andreas Kötzing (Hannah Arendt Institute for Totalitarian Studies, Technische Universität Dresden)

We welcome expressions of interest to participate in the above workshop aimed at doctoral candidates and researchers working on Cold War film culture. The purpose of this event is to exchange views on current research projects in a collegial setting, and ideally create points of contact for future exchange. The workshop will focus on the “politics” of showing films, i.e., the influence of institutional actors from politics, culture and education on the circulation, canonization and preservation of films (organisations, archives, festivals, parties, ministries, universities, schools, foundations, museums, etc.). But the workshop theme also takes its cue from current debates about the politicization of prominent film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin. Our workshop welcomes researchers whose work deals with German-speaking, but also international film culture. We particularly welcome comparative perspectives that go beyond the dichotomy between East and West, Global North and Global South, and/or focus on underrepresented groups or cultures. In commemoration of the military coup in Chile 50 years ago and its impact on international filmmaking and screening practices, an evening film screening event will centre around the influence of international solidarity movements and policies on film screening practices.

Our workshop will comprise a series of roundtables and short presentations (10-15 minutes). We welcome expressions of interest (max. 200 words) detailing your individual research area as well as what you would hope to gain from participating in the workshop. Expressions of interest should be sent via email to by Monday 18th September 2023. 

The workshop will take place in English. 

Generous support from the DAAD means we can offer participants bursaries for travel (up to €180) and accommodation.

Any other questions related to the event can be directed to the organisers: and 

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