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Bringing a car to St Andrews: A guide for new students

Car parking and the environment

Car parking and travel by car around St Andrews is becoming increasingly difficult.  As part of the University's commitment to the environment and in an effort to positively address this issue, the University has decided to actively encourage alternative forms of transport by staff and students rather than the car.

So what's the alternative to the car?

St Andrews is a small and compact place so once in the town, it is relatively easy to get from one part to the other on foot or by bike.  In addition, the University is rolling out a major initiative to reduce car parking congestion and improve the existing and future opportunities for cycling, bus and rail travel.

Reasons not to bring a car

As well as the health and environment benefits of walking and cycling, you can save thousands of pounds by not having a car:

  • No fuel bills.
  • No insurance and vehicle tax costs.
  • No parking fees or fines.
  • No interest payments on a car loan.
  • No car depreciation and maintenance costs.

If you must bring a car

  • The University will ask you to register your car please follow this link:   

  • Because University car parks are becoming congested, students will only be entitled to park in three Designated car parking areas (PDF, 121 KB) (David Russell/Fife Park, Agnes Blackadder Hall, and Albany Park).
  • If you are a 'blue badge' holder (disabled/mobility impaired), you will be issued with a pass and access to disabled spaces at all University car parks.
  • You must comply with the University's Car parking regulations (PDF, 121 KB).

Important information for interntational students

It is a criminal offence to drive using a licence that is not valid in the UK. If you hold a driving licence that was issued somewhere outside of the UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland) please follow this link for more information on the revelant steps that you need to take: Before driving please make sure you are aware of the correct driving procedures in the UK.

Please be aware that you may be permitted to only driver for a limited period of time.



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