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Bike to Work scheme

If you require any more information please contact .

How the Bike to Work scheme works

bike picture for bike to work scheme

The University of St. Andrews  is pleased to announce that it is offering its employees the opportunity to take advantage of the TAX-free cycle to work staff benefit. This is available through Cycle Solutions and local bike stores (see details below). The scheme enables employees to save up to 48% on the value of goods over a 12-month contracted hire term. Employees can choose packages up to an RRP value of £1,111.11.

There are two options to choose from when using the Bike to Work scheme:

- Orders can be placed directly with Cycle Solutions either at one of the roadshows, online – or by phone on 0330 100 2480. Once the order is confirmed Cycle Solutions will upload a copy of the employee hire agreement contract. Once the employee and the employer approve the hire agreement contract Cycle Solutions will contact the employee to discuss the free delivery of their goods. In the month following the despatch of goods your salary sacrifice payments will commence. If you have any questions then please contact Cycle Solutions on 0330 100 2480 or by email to

– Orders can be placed directly at one of the local bike shops detailed below. Once you have chosen the bike you would like and have mentioned to the store that you would like to use this scheme the store will then process the relevant paperwork.

  • Spokes Cycles, 37 South Street, St Andrews, Fife, KY16 9QR, Tel: 01334 477835
  • Fife Cycle Centre, 2 Meadow Road, Leuchars, Fife, KY16 0EX, Tel: 01334 838989
  • 2 Wheel Care, Cupar Road, Pitscottie, Fife, KY15 5TB, Tel: 01334 828436



Buying a bike

If you do not wish to purchase a bicycle through the Bike to Work scheme and salary sacrifice;

  • Bikes can be bought outright from most local bike shops, including Fife Cycles in Leuchars, Spokes Cycles in St Andrews, 2 Wheel Care in Pitscottie, Leslie Bike Shop - who all have a wide range of bikes available.
  • Refurbished second hand bikes can be bought from BikeWorks in Glenrothes or Cyclepath in St Andrews


  • Keep your bike in good condition. Simple bike maintenance like keeping your chain clean and oiled can prevent more serious problems from developing.

Cycling around St Andrews

  • We have produced a Walking and Cycling Map (PDF, 102 KB)  showing cycle lanes and bike racks around the town and university.

Abandoned/unwanted bikes

  • The University have an Policy for University Cycle Parking Regulations 2009 (PDF, 74 KB) to address the issue of abandoned bicycles on campus and to ensure that the facilities that are currently provided are being used efficiently before new ones are installed.
  • A new set of procedures have been drafted, backed up by a set of Cycle Parking Regulations 2009 (PDF, 369 KB) which are displayed at all University Cycle Parking Facilities.

Bike lockers

  • The University has a limited number of bike lockers available in Butts Wynd. As from October 2008, these lockers are available to staff on an annual basis. These lockers provide a high level of security for staff with valuable bikes, who cycle regularly. Due to the limited number of lockers available, lockers cannot be allocated to all interested staff. Staff must apply for a locker. Periodic checks of the lockers may be carried out, and the University reserves the right to reclaim lockers that are not being used regularly, and to reallocated these.
  • The University has recently purchased its first electric bike! This is being used by Estates staff to travel around town.