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Travelling by bicycle

‌Students who attend the university are encouraged to use bikes to travel around campus, thereby saving money on public transport and living a healthier lifestyle.

For information on bike maintenance and rental, for events related to bikes in St Andrews and to get involved with our cycling community

There is also information on some of the main organisations working to improve and promote cycling in Scotland

See where the cycling routes are around town as well as where to park your bike.

Donating, selling or buying a bike

Donations can be made to the following groups:

Bike Pool

A local project run by Transition University of St Andrews that refurbishes abandoned/donated bicycles so that they can be put back into the local community through a bicycle hire scheme. Please see their website: Transition and / or Facebook group for further details.

StAnd Re-Use

St AndRe-Use collects and redistributes items within the St Andrews Community.The major collections usually occur at the end of each term in Halls of Residences and one or two other University locations. Look out for information on the St AndRe-Use facebook group for details.

Bikeworks, Glenrothes

A charitable project giving old/abandoned bikes a new lease of life.
Please see: Bikeworks.

Environment and Sustainable Development


Blog: Environment Team News

Facebook: EnvironmentStA

Twitter: @EnvironmentStA