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Recycling in Schools and Units

For information on what items can and can't go in the various bins, see the Summary information signs (PDF, 172 KB).


Paper recycling boxPlease help to reduce waste levels by using paper on both sides and only printing when necessary. Put your waste paper into the recycling box (see photo below). Cleaning staff will remove paper on a TUESDAY and THURSDAY.

NB For clear outs or bulk disposal of heavy items, such as magazines or journals, you must contact your Senior Janitor in advance to request additional sacks and to arrange for a special uplift. Cleaners and Janitors will not remove sacks which have been over-filled or are unsafe to lift.  For confidential material see this webpage.


Please flatpack your cardboard and take to the pick up point for your building (ask your janitor for the location if unsure and seek assistance for heavy items).

Plastic bottles and drinks cansRecycling bins

‌Please take your materials to the recycling bins shown below (yellow for plastics, red for cans), located in key areas within buildings (eg kitchens, common rooms or entrance halls). Please ensure that you empty cans and bottles before placing in bins.‌

Remaining waste

Every occupied room should have one general waste bin (more for large multi-occupancy rooms). CLEANING STAFF WILL ONLY EMPTY THESE BINS IF they do not contain any materials that could have been recycled. General waste bins are emptied on a MONDAY, WEDNESDAY and FRIDAY.

Food waste bins

One or two labelled bins have been placed in a central area within each building. These are emptied daily. If you are concerned about smelly food items being left overnight in your office bin, please make use of the Food Waste bins.

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