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Recycling in residences

For information on what items can and can't go in the various bins, see the Summary information signs (PDF, 172 KB) document.


Halls: All student rooms have been provided with a labelled bin in which to put your waste paper for recycling.

Self-catering areas: Each house or flat has been provided with a large paper recycling sack and information as to the location of the recycling bins. Please ensure that you regularly empty the sack into the paper recycling bin outside.


Please flatpack cardboard boxes and packaging and take to the pick up point for your residence (ask your porter if unsure of the location).

Plastic bottles and drinks cans

Plastic and can recycling boxesHalls: Please take your materials to the recycling bins (yellow for plastics, red for cans), located in key areas within each building (eg common rooms or kitchens).

Self-catering areas: Every kitchen has been provided with a large black box in which to put all your plastic bottles, glass bottles and cans. When full enough, please take the box to the general recycling area outside and sort the materials into the appropriate bins.


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