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Waste minimisation

Minimizing your waste


1. Do you really need to print - could you just read it off the screen?  


2. If you must print, choose double-sided.


3. Reuse envelopes and use old paper as scrap.


4. Opt for reusable shopping carriers over plastic grocery bags.

  • Tesco Clubcard holders can receive Green Points if they bring their own shopping bags!

5. Buy products with minimal packaging, which accounts for 24% of household waste and 1/6 of money spent on food.

6. Always buy reusable products over disposables.


7. Buy a University-branded KeepCup from any University catering location

  • Save money on all hot beverages and minimize disposable cup waste

8. Choose tap water over bottled water.


9. Donate reusable items that are in good condition instead of discarding them.

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