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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I register?

Follow the easy steps on the WARPit guide to learn how to register WARPit User Guide (PDF, 407 KB)

2. What items can be reused through WARPit?

Mostly reusable furniture, unused stationary, reusable office supplies, unused cartridges, reusable books, reusable lab equipment, electrical items and most any other item that is reusable.

3. What happens if I can't keep items in situ?

1. Please create a works request through the following link:

Please specify Recycling as the problem type and Furniture for reuse as the sub problem type.

The Works Request Description Box enables you to provide information on what the item is, where it is located and going to.

Please Note: If your item requires dismantling prior to transit e.g a desk, please also ensure you have put this information in the Works Request Description Box along with a request for Janitorial Assistance to move items to the nearest exit as our recycling team uplift and drop off items at building entrances ONLY.


2. The WARPit team will contact you to assess your item(s) for suitability to be taken to the Estates Reuse storage facility where it will be re-advertised to staff. If it is NOT suitable for reuse it will be recycled and a small charge is levied (please see our Recycling Recharge Policy) at


Furniture will be uplifted by the recycling team on a Wednesday from 8am to 4pm.

4. What happens if the expiration date passes and no one has claimed the item?

If the expiration date on your item passes and no one has claimed it, the WARPit team will contact you to assess your item(s) for suitability to be taken to the Estates Reuse storage facility where it will be re-advertised to staff, if it is NOT suitable for reuse it will be recycled and a small charge is levied, please see our Recycling Recharge Policy at


5. If I list an item on the site will I have to arrange transport for it?

If you list an item on WARPit you don't have to do anything else. The staff member who claims the item will arrange collection through Estates. WARPit makes it as easy as possible for contributors to give away items.

6. Who is responsible for transporting an item once it has been claimed?

Estates is responsible for transporting WARPit claimed items. The claimant must submit a Works Request Form to arrange transport. 

7. Who is responsible for uploading items to the system?

Your School or Units Building officer or Environmental Facilitator will assess your items for recycling or reuse and upload items for you.

8. Who can claim items?

Any staff member who registers with WARPit can claim items, as long as it is for a work purpose. 

9. What happens if the transferred item is then unwanted?

It is the receiver's responsibility to re-advertise the item.

10. What happens if I have an item which is broken, soiled or has missing parts?

Such items are not suitable for WARPit and must be recycled.

Please create a works request through the following link:

Please provide as much information as possible in description e.g what the item is and where it is located. Also, if your item is a desk it will need to be dismantled so please request a *Multitrade* for joiners and transport.


11. What happens if I claim an item on WARPit that is not suitable for reuse?

If an item has been inappropriately listed on WARPit and should instead be designated for recycling this fault should be picked up by Estates in transport and the costs of disposal will fall with the original owner. Should an item be delivered that you believe is unfit for reuse and should be recycled please contact the WARPit administrators on

12. Can staff use WARPit to advertise items from home?

No. WARPit is only for redistributing work related reusable items.

The University Newsletter "In the Loop" has a section called Your Space where staff can advertise private items.

Contributions, suggestions and ideas for future content are welcomed by Victoria on 2530 or email

13. Can students use WARPit?

No. At this time WARPit is only for University of St Andrews staff use.

Students, please check out St AndRe-Use for your reuse needs. 

14. How do you work out the financial savings of items transferred?

Each item is given an average replacement value using public sector contract prices. Each item is also given waste disposal financial value. These figures are updated annually.

15. How do you work out the reuse weight?

Using established references and methods each item is given an average weight. Every transaction / item that is reused is added to the running reuse total which is measured in KG.

16. How do you work out the carbon emissions savings of items transferred?

Every item transferred saves on carbon emissions because a new item does not have to be purchased. Using established references and methods each item is given carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) value (KG).

17. Who is responsible for ensuring that items for transfer are usable?

To abide by waste legislation and liability issues the guidelines must be followed. It is the responsibility of the contributing party to ensure that items are described correctly and the guidelines are followed. It is the requesting parties responsibility to ensure the item/equipment is safe and appropriate before using. All users must agree with the terms on registration and before a transaction takes place.

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