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Don't bin it, don't buy it......

WARPit is an online portal that allows University staff to redistribute surplus resources such as furniture, equipment, etc. to other St Andrews staff members.

This tool makes it easy for staff to find free items, reducing procurement spend. WARPit also makes it easy for staff to dispose of unused or underused items, saving on storage and cost and carbon emissions of waste disposal. 

So how does WARPit work?

WARPit is only for use by University of St Andrews staff for work items and for work purposes.

To use WARPit, you must register on the portal.

Read the User Guide to learn how to use the site: WARPit User Guide (PDF, 407 KB)

When choosing a password for your WARPit account, please ensure that it is different from the one you use for your main University account.

Zero Waste Scotland also produced a case study Resources Re-use: University of St Andrews (PDF, 526 KB)  about our WARPit system

 WARPit Procedures:

  1. Your School or Units Building officer or Environmental Facilitator will assess your items for recycling or reuse.
  2. Items suitable for reuse are uploaded onto WARPit, an expiration date is set for when the item/s must be claimed and removed by.
  3. Staff claim items by logging on to
  4. Items are transported by the Recycling Team to their new home (please follow the instructions on the email that is sent to you after you claim an item).
  5. If your item has not been claimed by the time it expires, the WARPit team will contact you to assess your item(s) for suitability to be taken to the Estates Reuse storage facility where it will be re-advertised to staff. If it is NOT suitable for reuse it will be recycled and a small charge is levied (please see our Recycling Recharge Policy below).
  6. Furniture will be uplifted and delivered by the Recycling Ream on a Wednesday ONLY from 8am to 4pm.
  7. The University of St Andrews is partnering with local charities and schools on WARPit. This means that if an item is listed on WARPit and not claimed by by a staff member, it will become available to our partner organisations.

Third sector organisations register for free


Items suitable for reuse include:

  • Furniture
  • Unused stationary
  • Office supplies
  • Unused cartridges
  • Books
  • Lab equipment
  • Electrical items

Please advertise items that are likely to be desirable for reuse. Ask yourself whether you would reclaim your item; if not please recycle through the procedure below.

Items NOT suitable for reuse:

Items that do not conform to current fire safety regulations or are broken are not suitable for reuse and must be recycled. 

To recycle your items, please log on to the Estates Helpdesk and complete a Works requisition form.


Dismantling Items

If your item requires dismantling prior to transit e.g a desk, please ensure you have put this information in the Works Request Description Box along with a request for Janitorial Assistance, to move items to the nearest exit as our recycling team uplift and drop off items at building entrances ONLY.


Recycling Recharge Policy

Recycling costs are covered centrally e.g. paper, cardboard, plastics, IT hardware, electrical equipment, confidential waste, etc. In other words these costs are not passed on to departments and the services are free of charge.

However, charges will be levied to cover the costs associated with the provision of non-routine services e.g. when additional labour and waste facilities are required for materials such as wood, metal or general waste. This includes broken, soiled or noncompliant furniture.

In instances where noncompliant materials are being stored improperly, steps will be taken to clear the waste and a charge will be levied accordingly.


Furniture and Equipment Recycling Charges

(non-electrical or hazardous - prices per unit)

Please contact the WARPit Team for a price

Under no circumstances should furniture for disposal be stockpiled. Please arrange to have your items uplifted as soon as possible. 


For questions about how WARPit works at St Andrews, check out the FAQ or email:

Watch this video for a step by step demonstration: YouTube WARPit Guide

You can use the WARPit poster (PDF, 99 KB) 

Check out the WARPit home page for more information:

If you have any suggestions for improvements to the WARPit site or need to report any issues, please let us know

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